Zimbabwean schools benefit from Level Up Village

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Shepherd Chimururi Youth Interactive Correspondent

More than 1,000 local students from 30 schools participate in the technology exchange that put them in touch with friends around the world under the auspices of the American organization Level Up the Village.

Already three schools, namely the primary schools of Petra, Wise Owl and Tynwald, have benefited from the reception of 3D printers after participating in a program to build a technological device that saves energy and offers a solution to provide lighting when the electricity is cut.

The students first designed solar lights using AutoCad and then printed them later using 3D printers.

Level Up Village was first introduced in Zimbabwe in March 2017 by Ronald Nyamukuwa, director of Ronne Ishalt, who runs the local Level Up franchise.

He now doubles as an instructor and regional manager of the Level Up Village franchise.

Level Up Village is a global platform that provides a range of learning and sharing opportunities for students around the world to partner and learn together.

The most important aspect of Level Up Village is that students interact and learn from each other as it enables and promotes more general skills such as collaborative learning, critical thinking, creativity and communication.

It feels like a globalization of the classroom learning under one platform and learning the same things at the same time.

In an interview with Youth Interactions Nyamukuwa, who was voted second in the Zimbabwe Institute of Management’s 2020 National Awards for Excellence in Leadership and Management for those under 30, said that Level Up Village enables students of diverse regions of the world to partner and work together on a project under the guidance of a teacher.

“After nearly two years of building confidence in the market, the project has started to take shape within the framework designed and at the time of writing, over 1,000 children have signed up for a course each term and are connected to an international student. The LuvToCode vacation program is what they did last time around. The other event the local students attended was themed The Global Coding Course: Voices of Students from Zimbabwe and Greenwich and it included student presentations of websites created during a four-week HTML course. and CSS.

Themes included Student Empowerment and Student Voices, Global Education Disruption: Student Voices from

Harare, Zimbabwe and Greenwich. The students talked about ways they tried to stay in touch with their friends, active in sports and the arts, and having fun to pass the time. They also described how much they each had done to overcome the learning difficulties. In this regard, they understood how much they appreciated being able to continue their studies at a distance, ”he explained.

Regarding the positive impact of Level Up Village on our education system, Nyamukuwa added: “Level Up Village arrived in Zimbabwe at a time when the government had just restructured its program and ICT was presented as a key pillar of the new program. .

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