Whittier Tech purchases advanced technology for computer-aided design/drafting and engineering pathways

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HAVERHILL – Superintendent Maureen Lynch is pleased to announce that Whittier Tech recently purchased state-of-the-art technology that will be used by students in the Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Drafting and Engineering streams.

Whittier Tech purchased an Epilog Fusion Pro 32, a laser engraving and cutting machine, for the CAD track. The device has a CO2 laser and a maximum laser power of 120 watts. An 80 watt laser was also purchased for the engineering course. To watch a video of CAD instructor Scott Robertson using the Epilog Fusion Pro 32 to etch a design he created into a piece of wood, click here.

“Our industry is revolutionary and our students deserve to practice with cutting-edge technology in our field. This is one of the core beliefs of professional education. Having the tools currently used in industry at our disposal means our students have the skills needed for these high-tech career opportunities,” said Robertson, who has worked at Whittier Tech for 17 years.

Whittier Tech has also purchased a 3D scanner, as well as a Stratasys J55 3D printer, which will allow students to print prototypes and parts in different colors, materials and textures. To watch a video of students removing samples of key fobs they printed from the J55 3D printer, please click here.

The school also purchased three laptops and two Alienware Aurora R12 gaming desktops to support Whittier’s virtual reality program. Gaming desktops are designed for high-performance gaming and have tool-free upgradability features.

“This technology will be a great help for competitions like SkillsUSA, as students will be able to get things done quickly since this technology is part of our daily use. Before the grant, we used technology like this sparingly and for special occasions. I’m excited about what’s next, to continue to create innovative new projects for our shop, our school and our communities,” said student London Briley, an Amesbury junior.

The items were purchased with a $300,000 Skills Capital Grant for Technology Funding, which Whittier Tech received in the 2020-2021 school year.

“We are very grateful for this funding, as it supports our continued efforts to be a leader in professional education, especially in technology fields. I look forward to seeing all that our students will learn and create with this advanced technology,” Superintendent Lynch said.

About the Computer Aided Design/Drafting Track

The CAD/Drafting program introduces the student to the use of instruments for drawing, measuring, line work, geometric construction, orthographic projection, sketching, isometric drawing and perspective drawing. Students progress to drawing layouts, multi-view drawings, sectioning, auxiliary views, assembly drawings, and model making. A significant part of the program includes computer-aided drafting using AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Revit software to produce computer-aided drawings.

About the Engineering Pathway

Engineering Technology is a new program for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The program introduces students to the concepts and principles of engineering, as well as the requirements and opportunities for students interested in a career in engineering/STEM-related fields.