Where is IGN’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Review?

Late Monday afternoon, a Mass Effect: Legendary Edition code arrived in my inbox. As of this writing, it’s roughly 65 hours ago – which would be roughly enough time to hastily play two of its three full-scale RPGs. if you literally did nothing else. I decided not to, because now my only opinion on their quality would be that they are not as good as sleeping, eating or seeing my family every now and then.

In other words, I haven’t had enough time with them yet to write something close to a review. My first impressions based on the first 10 hours or so didn’t reveal much about the updated original Mass Effect that you’ve never seen or heard before – it’s much better than 14 years ago and writing and voice performance are still wonderful but human facial animations (and running) do not compare to modern motion capture technology; the combat holds up quite well even if it is not as smooth as the last games (changing weapon mods on the fly is always painful); the Mako is still bouncy but not ridiculously bouncing. I had a few minor bugs but nothing too disruptive yet.

Here are 21 minutes of footage to give you an idea:

Right off the bat I can say that revisiting the story after 14 years has been great – I forgot how fast things go, the original crew is introduced, and we set off in search of the secrets of the Protheans and the Reapers. . But there’s still a long way to go and it’s not meant to be played in one long forced march, so it’s going to take a while before I can figure it all out for a review. (Whether or not that takes the form of a full read of all three games and their DLC or a shortened version of that, I’m still not sure, but I’ll make sure I’m very clear on what I’m doing. did and did not act in my final review.) So wish me luck, and I’ll see you on the other side.

In the meantime, we’ve got a ton of Mass Effect content to shoot straight into your veins / eyeballs (your preference), including a look at the gameplay changes made in Legendary Editions, a recap of all of Mass Effect’s history up to and including. ‘now, and our reviews of all previous BioWare games to date. We’re also working on a full IGN Destin Legarie graphics assistant performance review video to dig deeper into all of the improvements EA has made to the trilogy, so keep an eye out for that!

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