What is AutoCAD and how do I learn it?

A secure job in engineering not only requires an appropriate degree, but largely depends on your technical skills and knowledge of software relevant to the industry. One such software that helps engineers draw, scale, and bring their designs to life is AutoCAD. Although it has become a popular name in the engineering industry, AutoCAD is widely preferred by designers in other industries for creating 2D and 3D models.

Why AutoCAD?

Replacing old manual drafting tools, this computer-assisted software improved accuracy, reduced errors, saved time and resources, helped designers collaborate, and facilitated data transfer and calculations. It is often used by engineers to create blueprints, cutaways, equipment layouts, and model documents. Of course, creating a product with a minimum of errors in the previous pattern of any organization, professionals skilled in AutoCAD determine in advance the size, space, design, color, elements, resources needed. , budget and manpower by creating virtual models. These designs can be used to showcase the product to customers and create custom tools, design prototypes, and parts for larger devices via 3D printers.

Image credits: Jason Woodhead / Flickr. AutoCAD has become the primary design tool for engineers.

When the design is done by computer, many manual errors are reduced and the same dimensions, designs and elements can be used to replicate the entire structure without rebuilding it. Consumer products, medical equipment, manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, industrial products, fashion technology, and all branches of engineering primarily use AutoCAD for design purposes.

AutoCAD for beginners

Breaking down the preconceived idea that AutoCAD is software designed specifically for engineers, various online courses are now helping learners of all education levels to acquire computer-aided design skills. Structured instructional pedagogy, practice-oriented examples and training, interactive instructional forms, and advice from industry experts make learning hands-on, affordable, easy, self-paced, and engaging for you .

As a beginner, you learn all the concepts of the software from scratch and become familiar with the software interface and the basic elements and objects. You learn to use editing controls, gripping editing, normal and associative gratings, the properties and properties panel, and layers. The training also aims to give you practical experience of working with blocks, annotations and dimensions (2D and 3D).

For beginners, learning AutoCAD can seem like a daunting task at first. But, the help with doubting, the flexibility to learn at home, assignments and plans for practice, module testing and placement assistance, provided by the online training platforms, you make it easier to start and build your CAD career.

AutoCAD Learning Career Scope

From startups to multinationals, computer-aided design skills are in high demand by recruiters. Proficiency in specific skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, application knowledge, changing technology and industry trends and teamwork, as well as software expertise, could help you help them get a lucrative job. Some career roles associated with AutoCAD include: computer-aided design (CAD) draftsman, interior designer, project engineer, project manager, mechanical engineer, town planner, project architect, architectural technologist, civil engineer and engineer electrician.

According to data from a recent report, AutoCAD, and SOLIDWORKS were the top skills employers looked for when hiring engineering interns. In the past year, the average allowance for students with these sought-after engineering skills was 6,000 per month and the highest was 45,000 per month. This re-establishes the fact that AutoCAD would continue to be one of the most in-demand skills for recruiters and engineering graduates looking to start their careers in civil, mechanical, electrical, aeronautical or other engineering fields.

AutoCAD: The Foundation for Other Courses to Improve Your CAD Experience

As AutoCAD is probably the simplest software for industrial designers, it often also helps with career development by laying the foundation for learning other software. Having an in-depth knowledge of its interface helps learners easily grasp the concepts of other CAD software. Some software that dominates the basic engineering industry and could also be learned by those interested in engineering design include AutoCAD 3D, SOLIDWORKS, Advanced SOLIDWORKS, STAAD Pro, Fusion 360, Internet of Things, Ansys, 3D Printing , PCB Design, LabVIEW, Arduino, CATIA and MATLAB.

Learning AutoCAD certainly paves the way for beginners in the professional world. It allows you to assess your skills, choose an area in which you want to build your career, improve your learning and gain work experience through internships, build a strong portfolio through concrete projects and to acquire the self-confidence necessary to face technical interviews. .

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