What is an Architectural Designer, What Does He Do, How to Become? Designer Architect Salaries in 2022

What is an architectural designer, what does he do, how to become an architectural designer? Salaries 2022

Architectural designers are professional professionals who specialize in the planning and design of structures or urban landscapes.

What does an architectural designer do, what are his tasks?

The job description varies depending on the characteristics of the project the architectural designer is responsible for shaping the design. General job responsibilities can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Know the design requirements of the construction project by communicating with customers,
  • Provide clients with appropriate architectural design proposals, taking into account factors such as construction costs and trends,
  • Produce a building plan and design using computer-aided design programs or manual technical drawing tools,
  • Use building elements made from sustainable materials for environmentally compatible building design, use design features that save energy, water and reduce waste generation,
  • Verification of compliance of designs with building regulations,
  • Work collaboratively with other professionals

How to Become an Architectural Designer

Those who want to become architects must graduate from the architecture department of universities, which provides a four-year course. Modeling and architectural design certificate programs from various teaching academies for the use of computer-aided design programs are also available.

The professional characteristics of the architectural designer, who should have the creativity to create aesthetic building designs in line with the needs of the clients, are as follows;

  • Know the basic principles of architecture,
  • Be able to actively use 3D modeling software such as AutoCAD,
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Respect of deadlines,
  • Be inclined to teamwork and management,
  • Have self-discipline
  • Demonstrate verbal communication skills that can explain final design to clients.

Designer Architect Salaries in 2022

The lowest architectural designer salary received in 2022 is 5,800 TL, the average architectural designer salary is 8,500 TL and the highest architectural designer salary is 18,200 TL.