Useful, But Lesser-Known Features of AutoCAD Electrical


Jul 30, 2017

By: Elvis R. Sverko

IMAGINiT Tricks tutorial: Discover the commands related to the display of the color of the wires and the gauge labels, the placement of the wire numbers, etc.

Editor’s Note: This tutorial is courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.

Having worked with many engineering and manufacturing companies that use AutoCAD Electrical, I noticed an interesting usage issue. All the users of these companies know and use the main functionalities of the software; but only a few users take advantage of some of the lesser-known features. One small group knows about some of them, and another small group knows about others, and so on.

Most software users don’t know that all of these features exist; others might simply not know how to use them or understand how to take advantage of them. Therefore, I would like to take a quick look at some of the features that more users should start to take advantage of in their daily routine. You might be surprised at the benefits of some of these features!

Wire color label / gauge

Let’s start with something simple and easy to do. It is also very useful.

Almost every user I have encountered has asked if they can have this capability. They know they took the time and effort to install and use specific color and size wires, and that they can pull that information out in the form of a report, but then they say it really would. well if this information could be displayed on the drawing itself. The answer is “Yes, it can be done” – and it is very simple.

On the Schematic tab> Insert Wires / Wire Numbers panel, select Wire Color / Gauge Label from the drop-down list as shown below.

The Insert Color / Wire Gauge Labels dialog box appears as shown below.

To configure the label appearance, referring to the written text, text size, and leader line configuration, select the Configuration button and the Color / Caliber configuration dialog box. the thread label appears as shown below.

To change the text that appears for a particular type of thread (thread layer), select it from the list in the section Thread Line Layers – Color / Gauge Setup, then in the Color / Gauge dialog box that appears. is displayed for this wire layer, edit the text as desired.

To adjust the display of any potential placeable leader lines, change its properties in the Guides section. Then click on the OK button to accept the changes.

Once back in the Insert Color / Wire Gauge Labels dialog box, choose the Manual button in the With Leader Line or Without Leader Line box to place the label accordingly. In both sections there is an option to align the label text with the wire. When using the manual option, the label is placed based on where the user selects. When the Auto Placement option is used, all desired threads must be selected and the software will automatically place labels on each selected thread.

Some examples of the different styles of wire labels are shown below.

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