Top 50 CIOs Leading the Cloud Revolution and Digital Transformation


Claire Martorana

Clare Martorana, the Federal CIO.

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Name: Clare Martorana, CIO

Solidify: Federal government

Industry: Public sector

Headquarter: Washington DC

What the organization uses: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, IBM

Why the CIO is on the list:

Clare Martorana was appointed Federal CIO by President Biden in March. Previously, she served as CIO of the Federal Office of Personnel Management and was a member of the US Digital Service in the Obama and Trump administrations. Martorana was also an executive at healthcare technology companies WebMD and Everyday Health.

In her role of overseeing the federal government’s technology infrastructure, she focuses on things like cybersecurity and its continued cloud transformation.

Just like businesses moving their data and applications from existing data centers to the cloud, the federal government is doing the same. Spurred on by the Obama administration’s Cloud First policy in 2010, the government has since invested in cloud technologies from all major vendors: AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.

Perhaps the most prominent example of the federal government’s cloud investment is the Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract, its now canceled $ 10 billion attempt to put all the needs together. in Pentagon data on a single cloud provider.

Its replacement, the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability, or JWCC, will likely be shared between Microsoft and Amazon, and is perhaps the clearest sign yet that many organizations are now using multiple cloud providers.


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