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In an interview with Arts & Culture, Tom said he sold his most expensive current painting in the UK and that the artwork, which was recognized at the Wendy Williams Show in America, New York, set the bar too high for its future with millions. views on Netflix and YouTube. He explained that every day he was grateful for such moments because they kept him going and showed him that there was so much hope for the future of the creative industry.

“I am the son of light and a true son of the earth. Within me, I carry a DNA of Africa, embracing Mozambican, Zimbabwean and Botswanan cultures. My father is Mozambican and my mother was a Motswana, so I was born and raised here in Botswana.

I am based in Gaborone and recently turned 24. I am a fine artist and completed a course in industrial design last year at Limkokwing University. After graduating I decided to focus fully on my craft instead of looking for a job because I have always believed and felt that art was my true calling, so I answered the call to serve my purpose, ”he revealed.

The handsome artist describes himself as a thinker outside the box, saying he believes in no limitations. He said he firmly believes that instead of seeing the sky as a limit, people should instead see it as their playground, which allows him to be a jack of all trades artist.

However, he said he usually does acrylic and oil canvas paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, wall art, body art, clothing customization, auto CAD work. , cinematography (direction), creative writing and many other things related to creation. . Of all the above mentioned, he pointed out that his heart was beating very hard for painting, because it made him feel the most alive. He explained that painting is as easy as ringing a bell and that it always soothes her soul whenever she is desperate.

“Painting taught me discipline, patience, values ​​and commitment. I generally like to work on abstract expressions and prints in order to express myself easily and to fly on the wings of my creativity. I have been painting since 2016, ”he said.

Additionally, he revealed that his late mother was a jack of all trades in the creative industry and didn’t do art full time. He said that the few moments he saw her creating art always left him in awe.

He said most of his art was a reflection of his late mother, no wonder he decided to honor her memory.

“My art is to communicate with her, to try to show her that I am always listening and that I am serving my goal to my full potential, as we had always agreed. So she is basically the main reason for all my creative work, hence the reason why most of my art is about women, ”he said.

Through his hard work and dedication, the young talent had the opportunity to become a Jameson brand influencer and was recognized by Wendy Williams. In addition to selling artwork overseas, Tom has also been recognized by New Capitol Cinemas in addition to working with gaming giants to create visuals with Cyc Jouzy. Tom has also worked with model agencies like Empire Models and also with local artists like Han C, Mosako, Charma Gal, KhoiSan, to name a few.

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