This small desktop CNC machine with lathe and laser modules puts powerful manufacturing tools at your fingertips

No need to have your parts manufactured from another country. The Carvera gives you the ability to create your own prototypes, mockups, designs, circuit boards, and even molds, right on your table.

About the same size as a microwave, the Carvera is easily one of the smallest tabletop fab labs you can own. Equipped with powerful modules, auto-leveling features, automatic tool change capabilities, and an interface that’s easy enough to use for any basic designer / engineer, the Carvera brings factory-grade prototyping and manufacturing into the world. Household chores.

Designer: Makera Design

Click here to buy now: $ 3,099 $ 4999 (38% reduction). Hurry, there are only 33/50 left! Raised over $ 1,300,000.

For a respectable price of $ 3,099, the Carvera adds 3-axis CNC machining capabilities to your arsenal, with an optional laser cutting module and even a 4-axis CNC upgrade. While this price is higher than your average tabletop 3D printer, the Carvera gives you the flexibility to work with wood, plastic, composites (carbon fiber), metal, and even design and produce your own. own custom printed circuit boards, adding a valuable set of tools to your arsenal.

The Carvera comes fully assembled, with a work area measuring 14.2 “x 9.4” x 5.5 “. It self-levels at the start of each job and automatically selects the right tool for the right job all alone, calibrating along the way for an accurate end result. The tools at Carvera’s disposal include several wide to narrow drills, a probe tool and even a 2.5W laser engraving / cutting module. The Carvera rocks automatically between bits and modules depending on the job, and a rather clever dust collection hose next to the spindle sucks up wood chips, plastic dust and metal chips / burrs while the machine is doing its thing work, keeping the work area clean throughout. The closed design helps prevent other fragments or dust particles from littering your area and also mutes the sound, making Carvera perfect for your home or space of work.

Cavera offers automatic tool change and automatic probing.

Whether you’re doing auto-leveling, cutting, cleaning, drilling, or sculpting, Cavera can automatically change the right tool for the right job seamlessly and save you time.

Cavera has a built-in dust collection system so projects start clean and finish clean.

With the built-in 2.5W diode laser module, you can engrave a wide variety of materials including paper, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, PCB, etc.

While the Carvera is designed to be a self-operating 3-axis CNC machine, it comes with a modular 4-axis attachment that allows you to add an extra dimension to your projects. The 4-axis module attaches a lathe to your Carvera, allowing you to make more detailed designs with undercuts (which is not possible with traditional 3-axis relief jobs). The 4th axis module is optional and costs an additional $ 300, although it is more suitable for people who build complex 3D models with intricate detail.

The whole gadget comes with sturdy construction, with metal alloy frame, stainless steel shell and durable ABS + PC components. All Carvera axles also use high quality linear rails and ball screws, eliminating vibration to ensure the Carvera runs accurately. The CNC machine can be used right out of the box. A fold-out stand allows you to mount your Android / iOS smartphone to the side of the Carvera and control it + check the work status using the Carvera app. The Carvera supports connections via USB and even WiFi, so you can even control the CNC machine using a MacOS / Windows / Linux computer. Carvera also works with popular 2D and 3D software, accepting 3D models from Fusion360, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and VCarve Pro, as well as vectors from Vectric Aspire and Adobe Illustrator (for PCBs and laser engraving and cutting jobs ).

Carvera allows you to create professional printed circuit boards for your electronics.

For those who build cutting edge drones out of carbon fibers or metal parts for their robots, there is no substitute for CNC milling.

Carvera supports a wide range of natural materials, making it the perfect choice for artists and designers who create artistic and personalized products.

The Carvera comes with a retail price of $ 5,000, although they do offer an early discount on Kickstarter. For the 38% discounted price of $ 3,099 you get the Carvera fully assembled and equipped with the bits and laser module, a toolbox with drivers, brackets and clamps, an accessory kit including power cables , dust filters, safety glasses and laser glasses. For experimentation, Carvera even gives you a set of material samples to practice your skills and test your machine, including 2 scrap boards, 4 circuit boards, 2 acrylic plates and even 2 aluminum plates. While not included in the sample set, Carvera even works with other plastics, epoxy resins, a variety of woods, and even carbon fiber. The laser module works well on paper, wood, plastic, leather, and even some fabrics. The Carvera desktop CNC machine comes with a one-year warranty and you can purchase upgrades, mods and spare parts from its online store.

Click here to buy now: $ 3,099 $ 4999 (38% reduction). Hurry, there are only 33/50 left! Raised over $ 1,300,000.

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