Tejjy Inc. Collaborates with the latest technologies to provide optimized solutions to construction clients

Tejjy Inc. Collaborates with the Latest Technologies to Provide Optimized Solutions to Construction Customers in the United States

3D BIM modeling

3D BIM modeling

BIM 360 construction document management

BIM 360 construction document management

Maintenance and management of facilities

Maintenance and management of facilities

3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning

Tejjy Inc. creates real added value for structural engineers, MEP engineers, MEP design firms and other AEC professionals integrating BIM, SCADA, PLC and Drone.

Tejjy Inc.’s BIM Engineers create real value for structural engineers, MEP engineers, MEP design companies, and other professionals in the AEC industry, helping customers save construction costs and time.

– Sukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, January 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – Tejjy Inc. collaborates with the latest technology to provide optimized solutions to construction customers in the United States. BIM experts help architectural, engineering and construction professionals in DC, VA, MD and Baltimore areas visualize construction via virtual reality, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D BIM, drone , robotics, GEO BIM, SCADA, PLC, 3D printer and Big Data for optimized solutions. The company knows the latest software applications for the construction industry including Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk AutoCAD, Tekla, 3DS Max, BIM 360 Glue, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, Solidworks, Plant 3D, Fusion 360, Inventor, Solid Edge and Creo.

BIM services in DC, MD, VA, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey and Houston:

Tejjy Inc. implements building information modeling to assemble projects in a virtual environment, identifying potential problems at the initial stage, facilitating conflict detection and conflict resolution. The company’s BIM experts facilitate AEC project coordination, logistics planning, cost optimization and risk mitigation, through BIM services to the client with 3D modeling, 4D visualization, estimation of 5D costs, the 6D sustainable solution, 7D facility management and 8D occupational health and safety management.

Complete BIM services:

• 3D modeling
• 3D visualization
• 3D rendering
• 4D planning and simulation
• 5D cost estimate
• BOQ / Quantity takeoff
• Management of BIM 7D installations
• Prefabrication / Modularization
• Marketing presentation
• Detection of BIM conflicts
Scan to BIM/ Point cloud data
• Coil drawings
• Shop drawings
• BIM VR 360
• Revit families
• Smart BIM model inputs

Sukh Singh, Vice President of Tejjy Inc. said, “Tejjy Inc.’s team of expert engineers create real added value for structural engineers, MEP engineers, MEP design companies and other professionals in the field. the AEC industry. Our BIM engineers help customers reduce costs and avoid errors with engineering services by resolving maximum deviations at the pre-construction stage through constructability review. BIM engineering solutions act as a tool to serve clients’ personalized process and achieve goals with the flexibility to integrate the client’s workflow, thus increasing the profitability and efficiency of deliverables.

BIM engineering services include:

• Constructability review
• Prefabrication and modularization
• Value engineering
• Validation of the MEP design
• Design service

BIM consulting services include:

• Strategy preparation
• BIM execution plan
• Deployment-Sharing of resources
• Infrastructure planning
• Logistics planning

Construction management services:

Tejjy Inc. provides cost effective construction management solutions from initial phase to final construction. Expert construction managers ensure 100% satisfaction to complete construction on strict schedule with the project.

Construction Management Solutions in DC, MD, VA and Baltimore Areas:

• Pre-construction planning
• Commissioning
• Life cycle management of the construction project
• Management of construction documents
• Management of calls for tenders and negotiations
• Risk management
• Project estimate
• Project management
• Maintenance and management of facility operations

Architectural services:

Comprehensive architectural services are provided by Tejjy Inc. in the United States, involving the creation of designs and models for all types of buildings. Architectural design expert draughtsmen implement Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD, Solidworks, MicroStation, and SketchUp to provide architectural design support.

Architectural services included:

• Commercial architecture and design
• Residential architecture and design
• Condominium renovation permit drawings
• Assessments before purchase
• Drawing as built
• Office fittings
• Home expansions and renovations
• Kitchen renovation
• Renovation and remodeling of the bathroom
• Home renovation and remodeling
• Design, renovation and remodeling of the room
• Floor design

Permit shipping services:

As an expert permitting company in the DC metro area, Tejjy Inc. provides permitting approval to residential and commercial construction clients from the planning phase to obtaining permits. Permit shippers have a full understanding of the building codes and zoning of the permit process in Washington DC. There is no more stress related to the DCRA work stop order and no more delays in project approval with Tejjy Inc.’s permit acceleration services in Washington DC.

DCRA Permit Shipping Services to DC:

• New building permits
• Land use permit
• Planning and eligibility services
• Major land use approvals
• Conditional use permit
• Ministry of Health approvals
• Design review
• Planning committee
• Feasibility analysis
• On-site surveys
• Sign permits
• Stop deleting the work order


Tejjy Inc. facilitates remote collaboration with Global Workforce, allowing professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment for successful project execution.

Significant projects of Tejjy Inc. in recent years:

• Implementation of the school renovation with BIM at LOD 300 for precise architectural, structural and MEP planning.
• Model as built from point cloud for the DC project, saving time and money for the project, keeping the management team informed of the development progress.
• Developed an effective BIM Execution Plan for the Pollution Control Plant for the award-winning Norman M. Cole Jr. Pollution Control Plant in Lorton, Va.
• Architectural modeling for Jhaveri Brother Bungalow at LOD 350.
• Using Revit BIM modeling to save time, delivering efficiency for Medical Facility Support Services (MFSS II) by the US Army Corporation of Engineers
• Implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Water Purification Plant Expansion Expansion in City of Houston, USA.
• Provision of BIM modeling solutions for conflict detection and coordination of DC House.

Sectors Supported Across the United States:

• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Educative
• Health care
• Infrastructure
• Mixed-use construction

Vertical areas served by Tejjy Inc. in the United States:

The company’s engineers and architects meet the requirements of all AEC professionals, including:

• Project managers
• General contractors
• MEP design firms
• MEP entrepreneurs
• MEP engineers
• Structural engineers
• Architects
• Home builders
• Drywall contractors
• Fire protection contractors
• Building owners
• Consultants

Benefits-driven strategy to overcome challenges in the construction industry:

The integration of technology with BIM, SCADA, PLC and Drone helps Tejjy Inc. provide the information needed to strengthen the success of the water treatment plant.

Benefits guaranteed thanks to BIM:

• Multi-stakeholder collaboration
• Reduced errors and conflicts
• Better communication thanks to 3D visualization
• Increase and improvement of facilities
• Improved operation and management of assets
• Improved stakeholder engagement

Benefits provided by SCADA:

• Monitoring of specific levels of chemicals and toxins
• Provide accurate data accessible anywhere
• Real-time data collection of the polluted area

Benefits provided by the API using the HMI:

• Minimum downtime, maximum production
• Chemical and technical decisions to optimize treatment
• Remote monitoring of the water treatment plant
• Backward compatibility
• Automated reporting and record keeping

Benefits provided by Drone:

• Increase clean water delivery, improve water analysis process
• Improve water safety, inspect problems, make better decisions

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