RMSS students help plan fall fair to expand livestock shows

Animal display boxes built as an RMSS workshop class project

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Construction students at Roland Michener High School have the opportunity to build some very useful animal display boxes to support the Mountjoy Fall Fair.

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It follows a successful garden box project by Timmins Secondary and Vocational School students earlier this year, which also involved the Porcupine District Agricultural Society.

“After being successful with the grow boxes, our committee decided that we needed a few display boxes for the fall fair in September, now that we have the full fair, and hopefully everything will be back to normal. “said the agricultural society. President Rock Whissell.

“The board decided that we should donate money to the Roland Michener boutique class, so they could build us these boxes that we needed to promote and display our birds at the fall fair. “

The boxes will allow the fall fair to continue expanding its animal breeding program.

“We donated $3,000 in materials for the kids to build three boxes that will house eight animals each. So we can display 24 additional animals, in addition to the cages we had before. But those cages will stay at Mountjoy Arena at the Fall Fair for the next 20 years hopefully or so,” Whissell said.

“Their names will be on it. They will have the recognition that it was the students of RMSS who assembled these cages for us. I think it’s a great project for the kids to learn their craft in the workshop, but also to have something on display that they can go and see in 20 years, and it will still be there. fall fair.

“We have families learning how to raise animals, but we also have students here learning how to create housing and these boxes.”

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The students have been working on them for about a month and a half now, and will continue to tinker with them until the end of the school year. Finishing touches like stain and paint will be added.

Animals such as chickens and rabbits will be accommodated in the new boxes, in addition to turkeys, lambs and pigs which are also part of the program.

“This is a bigger program than ever, and it will only add to the fair and the educational part of what we do in the community.”

Erin Rathbone, vice president and head of education for the fall fair, told the Daily Press that they purchased the animals with funding generously provided by Jackpot City Bingo.

“We usually have people in our community who bring their own animals from their own farms for the show, but there will be many more animals sponsored by the fall fair,” she said.

“Animals are given to families with an agreement that they participate with us on Facebook, so we can see them raising the animals, and they have to bring them to the fall fair. It is their commitment to us.

Serge Rioux, RMSS workshop teacher, said it was a great and hands-on project for his students.

“I have 9th graders, 10th graders, and also high support students, all working on the same project,” he said.

“It’s something that students can appreciate when they visit the fair, and they can be proud of themselves and show it to their friends and parents.”

He explained the process a bit.

“They had to use a program called AutoCAD, which draws on a computer, to be able to design them. Then we had to get quotes for material costs to build one, and then the client provided us with all the materials.

“They had to measure, use all the tools and come up with new designs. We looked for some ideas on the internet, so it was a good challenge for them,” said Rioux.

The Mountjoy Autumn Fair is scheduled to take place on September 10-11.

Students in the shop class at Roland Michener High School in South Porcupine worked on a set of animal display cages that will be used at the Mountjoy Fall Fair.ANDREW AUTIO/The Daily Press
Students in the shop class at Roland Michener High School in South Porcupine worked on a set of animal display cages that will be used at the Mountjoy Fall Fair.ANDREW AUTIO/The Daily Press jpg, TD