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The Surry County Sports Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor have strived to enshrine top local sports figures since announcing their first promotion in 2006.

140 athletes, coaches, teams, administrators and influential community members were honored as members of one of two exclusive groups.

With the induction of six people last year, the Hall of Fame now has 100 members. The room is dedicated to individuals and their respective achievements. Hall of Fame members include a large number of former varsity athletes, renowned coaches statewide, some of whom are still active, and administrators who have helped promote athletics of all kinds.

The Ring of Honor can feature individuals or a group. This includes teams that have set records for the last century as well as people who have promoted athletics outside of a coaching or administrative role.

Two new members have been introduced to the Ring of Honor each year since 2015, with up to four per year previously. The RoH currently has 40 members.

The Surry County Department of Parks and Recreation recently opened applications for the 2021 Hall of Fame and Ring of Honors classes. As the county searches for new faces to immortalize, we take a look to those who have already been inducted into each category.


• 2006 – John Charles, Barry Hall, Jerry Hemmings, Jerry Hollingsworth, Ron King, Rex Mitchell, Wallace Shelton, Kevin Strickland

• 2007 – Charles D. Atkins, Delmer Atkins, Tom Childress, Richard Grissom, Charles Moir, Sam Moir, Tony Searcy, Terry Strickland

• 2008 – Angela Harbor Mayfield, Benny Moss, Bobby Atkins, Fred Folger Jr., Jerry Steele, John Hamilton, John Yokley

• 2009 – Jack Childress, Todd Greenwood, Wayne Motsinger, Natalie Nester, Richard Patterson, Bobby Timmons

• 2010 – James Edwin Holleman, Sara White McMillen, Judy Vaughn Johnson, Mike Cooke, Billy Cox, Benjamin Callahan III, Larry McCann, James (Jimmy) Hiatt

• 2011 – James Brim, Dennis France, Jeff Hayes, Derrick Hill, Randy Dale Joyce, Amber Watson Reid, Jim Wilmoth, Bernie Young

• 2012 – John B. Anderson, Ed Callaway, Donald Davis Sr., Blois “Bud” Grissom, Richard Hauser, FA Martin, Ben Norman, Kelly Jack Swift

• 2013 – John Charles Jr., Mike Chatham, Gordon Jones, James Daniel Lynch, Jarret Martin, Robert “Doc” Wall

• 2014 – Alfred “Chubby” Dean, Deane Hall, Tina Lane Heafner, Melanie Bledsoe Hudspeth, Robert Smith

• 2015 – William Hawks, Faye Danley Hudson, Tony Martin, Tyler Sanborn, Brent Steelman, Linda Steelman

• 2016 – Brenda Wall Bledsoe, Steven Caudill, David Diamont, Tony George, Vickie Hardy, Will Holthouser

• 2017 – Johnny Coble, Rebel Good, Neal Joyner, Michael Richardson, Frank “Shine” White, Keith Whitman

• 2018 – James Blackburn, Keri Whitehead Campbell, Scott Hauser, Harry Monday, Sarah Parker Stroud, Willard Lee Swift

• 2019 – Ernie Beamer, Lonnie Bledsoe, Chadwick Casstevens, Tony Duncan, James Hayes, Kelley Karns

• 2020 – Kelly Holder, Justin Jones, Richard Godwin Joyce, David Mabe, Ted McBride, Joe Simmons Jr.


• 2006 —1963 East Surry High School Football Team, Tom York, Ronald Johnson, 1989 North Surry High School Basketball Team

• 2007 – Gary York, 1946-1950 Mount Airy Graniteers, 1967 North Surry High School basketball team, Floyd Rees

• 2008 – Dr. Skip Whitman, Eddie Wilmoth, Barney Hall, 2003 Surry East Little League Senior World Series Champions

• 2009 – Charles Earnest, Terry Pruett

• 2010 – Ronald Boyles, 1965 Surry Central High School football team, 1964 East Surry High School basketball team

• 2011 – Fred Patterson, 1967 Elkin High School Football Team, Chatham Blanketeers

• 2012 – 2002 Mount Airy High School Boys’ Basketball Team, Robert H. Moody, Al Peavy, Keri W. Campbell, Christie Sanders

• 2013 – 1934 Dobson High School basketball team, 2003 Elkin High School football team

• 2014 – 1935 Dobson High School Basketball Team

• 2015 – 1933 Dobson High School Basketball Team, Roy Vernon

• 2016 – 2001 East Surry High School Girls’ Basketball Team, David Beal

• 2017 – Wayne Edmonds, Jimmy Miller

• 2018 – Ann Hollar Garner, Jim Hemric

• 2019 – Catrina Alexander, Linda Davis

• 2020 – Catherine Cloukey, Ricky Thomas


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