Nextech AR sees strong demand for 3D models from major manufacturers presenting their CAD technology to Poly 3D / AR

Vancouver, British Columbia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Nextech AR Solutions Corp. (“Nextech” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NEXCF) (NEO: NTAR) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: N29), a Metaverse company and a leading provider of augmented reality experience technologies and services (“AR”) is pleased to announce the signing of several CAD to POLY agreements in various industries including Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), Jacuzzi Brands LLC, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F). With this announcement, the company validates its proprietary CAD-Poly 3D modeling technology called ARitize CAD. The company believes its CAD-Poly technology is a game-changer for the manufacturing industry as it now has a viable solution to convert large CAD files into lightweight 3D models at affordable prices and at scale.

ARitize CAD is from Nextech patent pending technology, enabling the conversion of CAD files to full-scale 3D AR models at a price and quality that it considers best in class. CAD is a function of product engineering. Industrial designers, working for product manufacturers, use CAD software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks to design many products of the modern world. Now using ARitize CAD, these files can be converted to 3D / AR models with the creation of photorealistic and fully textured 3D models from raw CAD models and reference images. This technology creates optimized 3D meshes suitable for 3D and AR applications. To learn more, please read: Automatically transform 3D CAD designs into CGI ready 3D models.

The use of CAD files is ubiquitous in all manufacturing sectors, in particular; automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, civil and construction, electrical and electronics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer goods and others. According to BIS Research, the CAD market, quantified by the amount spent on creating CAD files, is $ 11 billion by 2023.

With the massive adoption of 3D models underway, Nextech sees a variety of companies from different industries implementing its ARitize CAD technology to create a large number of large-scale 3D / AR models. This is evidenced by recent wins from Nextech customers. These companies are showcasing their products in new ways, using technology to increase engagement in the emerging metaverse and ultimately drive more sales.

ARitize CAD was only launched recently and has already signed notable clients including; Collingwood Lighting Ltd a lighting manufacturer, Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), the world’s largest manufacturer of pleasure craft, Jacuzzi Brands LLC, through its subsidiaries, is a global manufacturer and distributor of tubs, tubs hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas and Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) an American multinational automaker – The two FORD models that have been created are the 2021 Ford Mustang Mache-E, and the Ford 2021 Escape SE plug-in hybrid.

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Nextech AR CEO Evan Gappelberg commented, “We are seeing tremendous demand for 3D models in many industries, and I think the massive adoption of 3D models around the world is just beginning. Our company is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for all things 3D with ARitize 3D for retailers and e-commerce sites as well as ARitize CAD for manufacturers. Our 3D model building technology is the cheapest, highest quality, and most scalable solution and I think it’s a real disruptor in the emerging multi-billion dollar 3D model market. He continues: “2022 has only just begun and we are already seeing growing momentum and increased demand in all sectors for anything 3D, paving the way for Nextech to have a record number of 3D models on the market for 2022! ”

Nextech CTO Nima Sarshar commented on the announcement: “Most modern products ever built have been made from benchmark CAD models. Think about it, that represents billions of products around the world, and Nextech has invented an easy way to turn them into 3D models. Instead of using 2D images to create 3D models, we now have the ability to go straight to the source, where the products are actually designed by engineers (CAD files) and turn them into perfect 3D models, to large scale. Our new CAD to POLY solution is based on technology that will prove to be the holy grail of scaling 3D content.

The Company has filed a provisional patent covering the conversion of CAD files into 3D models. The ability to convert CAD model to 3D model means dramatically improved scalability associated with Nextech’s 3D models for e-commerce, with the creation of photorealistic, fully textured 3D models from raw CAD models and reference images.

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Nextech AR Solutions is a Metaverse company that develops and operates Augmented Reality (“AR”) platforms, transporting three-dimensional (“3D”) product visualizations, human holograms and 360 ° portals to its audiences , modifying e-commerce, digital advertising, hybrid virtual events (events organized in a digital format combined with in-person participation) and learning and training experiences.

Nextech is focused on developing AR solutions for the Metaverse, but most of the company’s revenue comes from three e-commerce platforms: (“VCM”), (“IPL”) and Trulyfesupplements .com (“TruLyfe”). VCM and sale of home vacuum cleaner products, supplies and parts, and small household appliances sold on Amazon.

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