Nanolumens Launches NanoDesigner Room Certification Tool

Nanolumens has developed a new online tool for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries and audio visual designers. New NanoDesigner room configuration tool can offer a place to view and develop the scope and scale of a project and deliver the files needed for a construction bid all at once. The tool saves engineering time and can create a fully exportable package that includes data sheets, rack configuration details with BOM, and accompanying diagrams.

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“We are constantly looking for ways to become a better partner. Architects and our AV Design partners have told us that existing visualization tools work for visualization and renderings, but create duplication of work because they have to integrate displays into their projects,” said Brice McPheeters, Vice President of Nanolumens, Product and Planning. “With this in mind, we have developed our viewer with a fundamental change. In the NanoDesigner dashboard, you start by selecting an environment, choose your display model, then choose dimensions to configure various options using the fields of wall dimension. Easily move the display around the environment to see how it will look in your space. This is the configurator we’re all used to, but there’s one key difference: once you have a design preferred, you can then select a desired file output, therefore, in addition to specifications, images and PDFs, volumetric engineering models like Revit and AutoCAD, or other file formats are produced that can be easily inserted into original designs. Armed with all this data, you can design freely with this intuitive tool, and with our products, you can s e curve and bend to suit any integrated architectural design.”

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The NanoDesigner room configuration tool is available for immediate use.