Marvel Realtors Successfully Delivers Over 1600 Luxury Residences Over the Past 3 Years

Pune, Maharashtra, India:
Pune’s iconic luxury property developer, wonder Estate agents are making a steady comeback with over 1600 luxury residences (apartments and villas) delivered over the past 3 years in an extremely challenging environment including the global pandemic. The delivery of these apartments, located in 10 luxury developments spread across Pune, reflects Marvel’s continued commitment to satisfying its customers against the odds. Additionally, with a strategic growth plan to push the build of its 7 ongoing limited edition projects, Marvel is restructuring its sales schedules. He will only start selling when his projects are 6 months away from completion.

The pandemic has hit several sectors hard, including real estate, which has suffered from a lack of labor and access to equipment and raw materials caused by long periods of confinement. However, Marvel managed to overcome these challenges successfully to deliver more than 1600 units across 10 projects, namely Marvel Arco, Marvel Brisa, Marvel Cerise, Marvel Cascada, Marvel Escaso, Marvel Fuego, Marvel Ideal Spacio, Marvel Piazza, Marvel Sangria and Marvel Selva. Ridge Estate, within the past 3 years.

Speaking of Marvel’s background and accomplishments, Mr. Vishwajeet Jhavar, Founder and CEO, Marvel Estate Agentsmentioned, “Throughout the turbulent times of the past few years, at Marvel, we have been focused on reinventing ourselves to stay aligned with market conditions and meet our customers’ expectations. So it’s no surprise that out of the total over 5000 units shipped by Marvel in 22 years since its inception, over 1600 units have been shipped in the last 3 years, during our most difficult time We are grateful for all the support and trust that our customers and partners cast have testified to us. Now, as we enter the new normal, Marvel is crafting an effective and well-strategic growth plan, with a strong focus on design, complete lifestyle and the customer experience at its heart. As a pioneering brand in luxury living experiences, we will continue to create the best lifestyle solutions for our customers and work hard to realize our larger vision of transforming real estate into a service industry.

Marvel currently has 7 projects under development, in prime locations in Pune and some of them are projects for sale, as listed below:

1. Marvel Aquanas – Kharadi
2. Marvel Aurum – Koregaon Park
3. Marvel Square – Viman Nagar
4. Marvel Selva Ridge Estate – Bavdhan
5. Marvel Sangria – NIBM Route

All of these projects are either ready or ready to own within the next 6 months.

Marvel’s projects are characterized by a unique inside-out design approach, resulting in incredibly luxurious, comfortable, efficient and spacious interiors. With more than 27 million square feet of luxury real estate developed since the brand’s inception in 2001, Marvel is the first real estate company to introduce private pools in every apartment, landscaped terraces and home automation systems to the real estate market in Pune. Marvel has a network of trusted design partners around the world for facade, landscape, lighting and other design such as HB design, EcoPlan Asia, was among the first real estate developers to share AutoCAD drawings of apartments with the client.

The brand’s goal is to offer a 360-degree luxury lifestyle to its customers with a wealth of amenities, including pro-level sports facilities, home office, indoor leisure activities and outdoor and green spaces (thousands of large trees and tens of thousands of shrubs). With a range of state-of-the-art projects, Marvel looks forward to once again establishing its credible leadership in the luxury real estate sector in Pune.

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About Marvel Realtors

Known for its iconic design and amenities, Marvel has carved out a niche for itself in the Pune luxury real estate market over the past 22 years. Having developed high-end projects in excess of 27 million square feet, in prime locations, the brand has an unrivaled heritage of product experience with its upside-down philosophy of providing space and maximizing the lifestyle for its residents. The company has always been at the forefront of design innovation and delivered innovative, technology-driven, first-to-market solutions.

From introducing fully automated homes to Pune’s real estate industry as early as 2004, to providing landscaped terraces and VRV air conditioning and swimming pools inside homes, Marvel has a history of creating new benchmarks in luxury. Over the past 22 years, Marvel has grown from a founder-led startup with 18,000 square feet of salable space to a 55-project scale with more than 400 buildings across 27 million square feet of salable space. As a pioneer in architectural aesthetics, Marvel continues to focus on the customer in design and has recently delivered over 1600 units over the past 3 years despite several challenges and unhindered by the pandemic.

Apart from innovative design and experiences, Marvel was also recognized as India’s greenest developer with the most Platinum pre-certified projects in India in 2014, by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Today, up to 13 of Marvel’s projects are already pre-certified Platinum.

Marvel’s clientele primarily includes autodidacts, first-generation CXO entrepreneurs, industrialists and business leaders, including those from AXA, Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, EY, Forbes Marshal, L&T, Microsoft and Tata Motors, among others. Marvel’s unique 360-degree approach to not only designing physical spaces, but also curating holistic living experiences and enriching community engagement within the finest luxury spaces has made Marvel the preferred choice of its valued clientele.

Marvel is committed to delivering on its commitments, maximizing customer satisfaction, and continuing its pioneering legacy of elevating the benchmarks of luxury in real estate through its groundbreaking design sensibilities with an eye toward the future.

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