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With a reputation as a professional carpenter and interior designer, Martek has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom joinery for nearly four decades.

The company, based in Croydon, specializes in high-end, commercial, healthcare and movie interiors. South London-based Martek’s 40,000 square foot production facility combines the latest software and machinery for furniture making, combined with traditional skills and craftsmanship.

Like many manufacturers today, Martek must maintain competitive prices while juggling rising material costs, project delays, and high demands on architects to continually push the boundaries of manufacturing.

“At first it became clear that in order to fully control quality and ensure that deadlines were met, we needed a solution to manage the entire manufacturing process. explains Derek Galloway, Managing Director of Martek. He continues: “We are working on many large-scale projects, from penthouses to state-of-the-art cinemas, corporate offices and healthcare facilities. Having software that can help us manage the complexity of these designs and effectively meet the demands of our ever-changing production requirements and schedules is essential.

One of Martek’s biggest challenges right now, linked to the pandemic, is rising supplier costs.

“Almost all costs are increasing. We are seeing an average increase of 20% across all areas, but our customers expect our prices to stay the same. For us, the solution to this problem is to focus on efficiency gains.

To help meet these challenges, Martek and his team of six designers rely on software from Microvellum, an AutoCAD-based design, engineering and production platform developed for carpenters.

“Our Microvellum software has been a critical part of our design and manufacturing process here at Martek for the past fourteen years. We work with many architects, the fact that Microvellum is essentially an extension of AutoCAD gives us a seamless transition from the design and approval phase to the production phase of a project.

“As you can imagine, our work is very tailor-made. Whether we are working on a custom reception desk, the one we built for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Technology Campus, or a theater exhibit, or even the interior of a hospital, our projects can be quite unique. . Microvellum helps us and our customers visualize product prototypes in 3D, which reduces errors and the time it takes to send these prototypes to production, as all the information needed to manufacture the product is contained in the drawing.

“Our library of customizable products is a huge asset to us. It includes the latest hardware and materials, making ordering easy and efficient. Over the years, our engineers have enriched our library in many ways with new products and options to make it easier for our designers to detail unique projects.

“Sustainability is important to us. With Microvellum we can process multiple projects at once, simultaneously optimizing parts for our Biesse SKILL and Biesse Rover K FT CNC machines. This minimizes material waste and saves time for our production team.

Through innovations in software, machines and their processes, Martek has created a successful business model. Recently, this model has fueled their expansion into another market, creating a division of the company that helps eliminate single-use plastic from the food supply chain, manufacturing flexible home furnishings and displays.

“We expect the road ahead to continue to be difficult, it still is. Our success will be measured by how we stand up to meet these challenges. And for us, we can be sure that we have formed business partnerships that will help us deal with whatever comes our way. concludes Derek Galloway.

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