Marketing to architects in the digital age: how to present your brand to the world

Marketing to architects in the digital age: how to present your brand to the world

According to a recent study conducted by RIBA in partnership with Microsoft, entitled “Digital Transformation in Architecture”, 87% of architectural firms agree that digital technologies are transforming the way they work and most of them have already started their transformation journey. digital transformation. The study shows that professionals in the field of architecture are easily adopting digitization with the adoption of 3D computer-aided design and are rapidly moving towards building information modeling (BIM) and the Internet of things (IoT) .

At the same time, while architects may seem like digital disruptors in the construction industry, they have nonetheless retained other, more traditional ways of doing business. An example is how they relate to manufacturers of building materials and products. Or more precisely, their behavior as customers vis-à-vis these types of companies. In a nutshell: architects don’t want to be sold and they don’t respond to traditional sales pitches. Rather, they want to be involved in meaningful conversations where they can continue to learn about innovative products and be updated on the best solutions available on the market.

In an era where everything is going digital, how do you connect with an audience that doesn’t want to be disturbed by calls or emails? How to showcase your products so architects can know – and hopefully love! – your mark ? The easy answer to these questions is to be present in the digital channels where architects spend their time. For example, when searching for information relevant to their work.

During their creation process, architects are constantly looking for a specific type of content that manufacturers could easily provide: photos, videos, case studies, tutorials, brochures, AutoCad, Revit or 3D files. The challenge is to understand how and where to provide this information, as well as to be able to measure the impact of each action.

The cornerstone of a successful digital marketing plan is being present where your target audience finds ideas and inspiration, and at ArchDaily we understand that pretty well. Since 2008 we have been training architects with high quality content, covering projects, products, news, guides and interviews. It’s why architects love and trust ArchDaily and why we’re the most visited architecture website in the world, with nearly 18 million monthly visits.

Positioning your products in ArchDaily will associate your brand with value and trust among the world’s largest network of architects. In addition, you will have the opportunity to improve your brand ranking on Google through search engine optimization, thanks to ArchDaily traffic.

How does this work?

At ArchDaily, we provide free and easy access to over 50,000 architecture projects and the products used in them, building trust by sharing vital specifications in real-life case studies. Examining other projects is essential for architectural practice, as professionals need to have an idea of ​​what a material or product will look like when applied to a building, rather than just seeing a product. autonomous without context. This helps architects to gather the references solutions for new and innovative ideas, while giving architects the opportunity to discover new brands through exposure to new products and materials.

This notoriety is reinforced by the ArchDaily Membershipwhich includes an exclusive company microsite -hosted on ArchDaily- link to product and content pages where your brand can showcase your solutions. Architects will have the opportunity to contact your company, request quotes, request samples, and also see what your products look like applied to other projects already posted on ArchDaily.

Thanks to the expertise of our editors – which is an essential part of our memberships – the product and content pages will display meaningful content for architects, such as tutorials and technical guides. It will also showcase product collections and families, so architects can understand your brand’s value proposition in one view.

You will also have access to a metrics dashboard where you will find key information and performance monitoring that captures every click and every interaction architects make with your brand and products on ArchDaily. These metrics will give you a better understanding of how your brand is perceived, how much brand exposure you’re receiving, and all the data you’ll need to make strategic business decisions.

You can count on our expertise in digital media and architecture to plan and validate your digital marketing strategies (even if the advice relates to actions outside of ArchDaily).

Through the ArchDaily Membership you can position your brand and products as relevant content to maximize engagement with architects. With the help and guidance of our copywriters and digital marketing experts, we create your business profile and product pages with a focus on what’s relevant to architects. They also include:

– Presentation of the brand. Your own dedicated microsite within ArchDaily.

– Content marketing. Via newsletter and editorial content.

– The references. Connect your brand and products to projects.

– Traffic drivers. Announcements on our homepage, news, articles and project pages.

– Analytic. Via a live metrics dashboard.

ArchDaily provides free and easy access to over 50,000 projects and the products used in them, building trust by sharing vital specifications in real-life case studies. Be part of the largest architecture and design community in the world and start using our packages to make your presence felt now!