Local simulation functionality should be removed from all versions of Autodesk Fusion 360

Removing features from Autodesk products seems to be routine at this point, with the announcement removal of local simulations the last in this series. Previously, Autodesk drastically reduced the features available with a personal-use license, but these latest changes (effective September 6) affect even paying customers, regardless of tier.

While local simulations previously run on designs will remain accessible, any updates to these simulations, as well as any new simulations, will need to use Autodesk’s cloud-based solver. This includes Linear Stress, Modal Frequency, Thermal Stress, and Thermal Stress simulation types, with each simulation study type costing a number of Cloud Tokens.

Solving a linear simulation should initially cost 0 tokens, but other types between 3 and 6 tokens, the exact cost per token may vary by region. This means that instead of solving simulations for free on its own hardware, the only option in a few weeks will be solely through Autodesk’s cloud-based offerings.

Naturally, we can see this change going extremely well with Fusion 360 users and we can’t wait to see how Autodesk spins the inevitable backlash.

(Thanks, [Jeremy Herbert] for tip)