Join Nextech AR for a proactive live event on February 23, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nextech AR Solutions Corp. (“Nextech” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NEXCF) (NEO: NTAR) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: N29), a Metaverse company and leading provider of augmented reality experience technologies and services (“ AR”) is pleased to invite you to a Proactive Live event hosted by Steve Darling, featuring:

  • Evan Gappelberg, CEO,

  • Adrian Hinrichsen, SVP Business Development & Global Head of Digital Sales

  • Brynne Kennedy, Director of UX/UI Product Design

This special live event will showcase Nextech’s Metaverse suite and educate investors about the 3D modeling industry.

Live Stream Details

Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Time: 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Nextech’s Metaverse Suite, the state of the 3D modeling industry and business opportunities, including ARitize 3D, ARitize CAD, ARitize Swirl as well as all the latest 3D modeling, hologram and spatial mapping applications .

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ARitize Metaverse Suite

Formerly “ARitize Metaverse Studio”, and originally announcement As of November 2021 ARitize Metaverse Suite is a SaaS Metaverse Studio SDK (Software Development Kit). It uses robust mapping technologies for persistent location-based AR experiences, allowing its customers to create their own metaverses. Nextech customers can access all of their 3D assets, compose AR experiences, and publish them to the Metaverse in any format. In ARitize Metaverse Suite, customers can manage 3D/AR content and point cloud maps, which are used for localization. It also gives users the ability to update these point cloud maps and 3D/AR content in their app in real time. ARitize Metaverse Suite will help manage and create mini-metaverse environments such as shopping malls, airports, museums, college campuses, and more.

ARitize 3D

Nextech’s patent-pending technology that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the creation of quality 3D models from simple 2D photos at scale for e-commerce sites. ARitize 3D is a revolutionary end-to-end solution for the Augmented Reality (“AR”) industry. With simple JavaScript tag integration, product photos are automatically embedded and 3D models are created for each product and then hosted on the ARitize 3D cloud. Learn more

Learn CAD

Nextech’s patent-pending technology, enabling the conversion of CAD files into large-scale 3D AR models. CAD is a function of product engineering. Industrial designers, working for product manufacturers, use CAD software (eg, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.) to design many products in the modern world. Learn more

ARitize Tourbillon

An ARitize Swirl is a swirling (rotating) 3D element on the header or page of an e-commerce website. In a few simple steps, any customer can create a fully interactive ARitize Swirl 3D/AR banner using their existing 3D models and integrate them into their e-commerce website to create 6x higher purchase intent, increase conversions and click-through rates. The self-service ARitize Swirl builder tool is an upsell opportunity for existing ARitize 3D customers, and enables the creation and management of 3D and AR banners for their e-commerce sites, highlighting the products customers wish to promote. All customer ARitize 3D models can be accessed through this platform. Existing 3D models, generated through ARitize 3D, are made available to be searched by title or SKU. Custom dimensions can be entered or defined dimensions can be selected from a list of presets. Unique backgrounds can be uploaded by users, or pre-made template backgrounds can be selected from an image library. ARitize Swirls can be previewed and reviewed before publishing, and embed codes are automatically generated once an ARitize Swirl is published, and can be copied and pasted to the user’s e-commerce site. Banners can also be managed, edited and archived on the self-service platform, giving users ultimate flexibility when it comes to their Swirls.

See a video presenting ARitize TourbillonClick here

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On behalf of the Board of Directors of Nextech AR Solutions Corp.

Evan Gappelberg

CEO and Director

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About Nextech AR

Nextech AR Solutions is a Metaverse company that develops and operates Augmented Reality (“AR”) platforms, bringing three-dimensional (“3D”) product visualizations, human holograms and 360° portals to its audiences, modifying e-commerce, digital advertising, hybrid virtual events (events held in a digital format combined with in-person participation) and learning and training experiences.

Nextech is focused on developing AR solutions for the Metaverse, but most of the company’s revenue comes from three e-commerce platforms: (“VCM”), (“IPL”) and Trulyfesupplements .com (“TruLyfe”). VCM and sale of residential vacuum cleaner products, supplies and parts, and small appliances sold on Amazon.

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