Japanese AEC Giant Chooses Graebert ARES CAD Technologies — Find Out Why

JAPAN IS THE SECOND LARGEST AEC INDUSTRY in the world and has more architects than the United States. A global leader in AEC innovation, Japan’s industry formation is led by its “Big 5” major construction industry groups.

When it comes to advanced technology and management adoption in Japan, the Big 5 groups generally drive the downward trends in the rest of the industry. In other words, the industry as a whole sees the Big 5 groups as a source of intelligent and innovative use of digital technologies. This is why it should be noted that a key leader operating on several continents changes technology and streamlines its operations.

Taisei’s Smart Decision

from Japan Taisei Corporation employs 8,490 people in 14 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1873, Taisei has three main activities: building construction, civil engineering and property development.

When the Japanese giant was looking for a more productive way to keep construction workers in the field connected to architects and engineers in the office, the company turned to German Graebert and his ARES CAD Technologies.

Japan’s famous “Toyota Way” style of management systematically eliminates “waste” in production processes, leaving Japanese companies in an enviable lean competitive position compared to their global counterparts. Taisei Corporation has achieved such an efficient connection between the construction site and the design staff in the office, working with all ARES CAD technologies. (Image: Graebert / All rights reserved)

The specific challenge was to provide 4,000 iPad-equipped construction professionals with a solution that allowed them to reference and be in sync with the latest drawings, having a robust ability to collaborate with architects and engineers while doing so. with simplified license management and data security.

Accelerated Workflow

Taisei has determined that the most effective method of collaboration between the field and the office when it comes to drawings is for both sets of professionals to work directly with the designs themselves.

By working with centralized CAD files in the cloud, Taisei can distribute drawings and drawing updates in real time. Design teams produce DWG files using ARES Commander, and construction teams in the field view, edit, markup, and collaborate with these files against the cloud with ARES Touch on secure Apple iPad devices.

By working with centralized CAD files in the cloud, Taisei can distribute drawings and drawing updates in real time.

This process is faster, more productive, and less error-prone than exporting PDF files from CAD or BIM systems and delivering them to the field. Although there are excellent PDF-based solutions in the AEC industry, widely connected to various multi-application and CDE (Common Data Environment) workflows, it is undeniable that Taisei Corporation is saving on this process change.

ARES CAD Technologies

A construction worker using ARES Touch on an Apple iPad. ARES Touch works on Android and iOS devices, giving Taisei Corporation the ability to take advantage of the most capable tablet hardware. (Image: Graebert / All rights reserved)

Previously, Taisei Corporation relied on PDF files or drawings printed in the field. In the latter case, it is common knowledge that construction workers can accidentally continue to use outdated drawings left in the field. In the first case, although they are faster to distribute than printouts, PDF documents also require a PDF export process to keep the data up to date.

With ARES technologies, Taisei Corporation has eliminated both problems and achieved cost savings on multiple levels. They simplified the process by reducing the “number of steps”; they stopped exporting and printing; they have adopted more economical technologies.

For Taisei Corporation, ARES technologies help improve productivity and therefore profitability. The giant Big 5 AEC has been a customer of the Graebert company since 2014.

Authentication / Licensing

Deploying ARES Touch to 4,000 iPads would be a daunting task for just about any IT management team. But Graebert’s ARES Enterprise solutions provided the answers to Taisei’s challenges.

ARES for Enterprise features included support for Microsoft Intune to deploy and manage apps available on corporate iPads.

Using this mobile device management (MDM) software, the Japanese AEC giant could ensure that its more than 4,000 iPads received only apps installed by the company. ARES Touch is installed centrally, providing a unified installation of the same enterprise-wide version.

So that means Taisei pays for the ability they use; only users who have been active during the month count towards capacity.

Taisei also used SSO against Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) to authenticate its users, in addition to Microsoft OneDrive, its selected cloud solution for storing and synchronizing ARES CAD files. This eliminated the need for Taisei to maintain a Graebert account where each user had their own license. A single sign-on from Microsoft sign-in gave them access to any enterprise solution on each iPad.

The Enterprise version of ARES Touch for Taisei also blocks users from accessing any cloud storage provider other than Microsoft OneDrive, adding another level of security.

Finally, under ARES for Enterprise licenses, the system manages and monitors the capacity of monthly active users, not specific users. So that means Taisei pays for the ability they use; only users who have been active during the month count towards capacity.

Superior economy

For AEC businesses based on DWG CAD technologies or heavily committed to DWG technologies with other solutions, Graebert’s Trinity of CAD means organizations are fully serviced by a family of industry-leading DWG CAD tools for desktops, mobile devices and the cloud.

What sets Graebert apart from competing solutions is that ARES-Technologies run on all major platforms, devices and operating systems, from Windows, Linux and Mac to Android and iOS and the modern web browser.

With unparalleled flexibility, Taisei Corporation boasts the world’s fastest hardware solutions. It can take advantage of performance per dollar on Windows or Linux workstations while capitalizing on Apple’s superior performance per watt on the iPad.

ARES CAD Technologies

While not a centerpiece of Taisei Corporation’s overall process using ARES Touch on 4,000 iPads, the Japanese giant can also leverage any computer with an internet connection to access CAD DWG files using ARES Kudo through a web browser. (Image: Graebert / All rights reserved)

Then there are Graebert’s licensing cost advantages, which are significantly lower than some more expensive DWG competitors.

In the end, Taisei Corporation disposed of the waste (Muda) in classical Japanese thought of the Lean process stemming from the Toyota way. Muda is a constraint or an obstacle which causes waste. In this case, waste reduction took the form of eliminating steps in the process of printing or exporting to PDF files for collaboration with the field. Combined with other cost saving factors, as mentioned above, Taisei Corporation could derive clear and undisputed economic advantages over competing methods.

Taisei and Ares

The Japanese giant has been using ARES technologies since 2014. It has benefited from years of critical influence as a customer of the Graebert company. Graebert’s ability to support features such as MDM, SSO (single sign-on), and integration with Microsoft OneDrive has greatly improved the deployment of ARES.

ARES means for Taisei that the giant Big 5 can take advantage of a DWG-based 2/3D CAD program that feels instantly familiar to AutoCAD users while delivering enterprise-grade innovations and features that stand out in the industry. industry.

Graebert ARES CAD

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Taisei’s deployment of ARES Touch on 4,000 iPads helps construction professionals in the field by doing things that PDF markup tools can’t, like measuring angles, distances, and quantities with CAD-level accuracy. ARES Touch is not just a visualization/markup CAD tool for an iPad. Users can “create” on ARES Touch, drawing alternatives or live “as built” conditions from a terrain perspective and with instant real-time synchronization. Back in the office, engineers and architects can react much faster because there is no need to work with PDF markup from the field.

Although PDF has become a dominant file format in the AEC and manufacturing industries, and although its proliferation has led to the integration of this file technology into just about every CAD system, from a waste reduction perspective, by eliminating PDF export and working directly with common CAD files in the cloud both in the field and in the office, eliminates process steps that from a the end user, and particularly from the point of view of the production process, add little or no value.

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