Infinite Skills “Learning AutoCAD 2015 Tutorial” provides a guide to the essentials of Computer Aided Design in the Industry Leading Curriculum in Standard and LT Editions

Learn Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 at your own pace.

Technology training company InfiniteSkills Inc. this week released its “Learning AutoCAD 2015” and “Learning AutoCAD 2015 LT” tutorials, introductory courses that cover basic drawing and editing skills in AutoCAD and provide a solid foundation in the basic functionality of this industry standard computer. assisted design program (CAD).

Released in March, AutoCAD 2015 features an updated user interface designed to improve the design process, along with other time-saving productivity tools including the new tab page, ribbon galleries, and command preview. .

Infinite Skills Learning AutoCAD 2015 and Learning AutoCAD LT 2015 tutorials provide students and professionals with an expert-guided introduction to learning essential features and best practices to start creating and publishing AutoCAD drawings for professional practice .

AutoCAD 2015 Video Training – Streaming

AutoCAD LT 2015 Video Training – Streaming

Course Author Brian Benton is an Engineering Technician, CAD Service Provider, Technical Writer, and AutoCAD Instructor. He has over 20 years of experience using AutoCAD in several design areas. He has also held various executive positions for Autodesk, contributing to the software development process and editing the company’s newsletter, HotNews.

After a course overview and an introduction to AutoCAD 2015, Benton begins with a chapter covering new features in the latest version of AutoCAD, examining user interface changes and other improvements.

It then explains in detail how to work in the AutoCAD interface and workspaces, and how to perform basic operations such as selecting objects, configuring units, navigating the coordinate system, and performing basic operations. use of pan and zoom tools.

Benton then demonstrates the basic techniques of drawing and editing. It examines key drawing tools such as polylines and explores how to draw using various geometric shapes. It then examines how to use editing tools such as rotate and scale, symmetry, fillet and chamfer, and many more. Both chapters assimilate the tools and skills discussed in the final chapter projects.

Other chapters include in-depth lessons on working with layers, adding annotations, working with blocks and dynamic blocks, and how to plot and publish designs.

The course concludes with a final project where Benton helps students produce a design that incorporates all of the tools and skills learned throughout the course.

“In these courses, you will learn how to draw and draw with precision,” Benton explains.

“Each course will provide a skill base that you can take with you into any area of ​​design.”

Free demonstration videos and a complete list of course content are available on the Learning AutoCAD 2015 and Learning AutoCAD LT 2015 training pages of the Infinite Skills website:

Infinite Skills offers its Learning AutoCAD 2015 and Learning AutoCAD LT 2015 training videos as DVD or direct download from the company’s website at a retail price of $ 99.95 each. Although program compatibility varies, all Infinite Skills titles and formats are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, and shipping is available worldwide. Additionally, the Infinite Skills tutorials are supported by project files that match the examples in the videos.

About Infinite Skills Inc.

A leader in the field of software training, Infinite Skills designs its courses on a task-oriented model, teaching complex skills by providing practical examples and guiding users in the performance of essential functions. Infinite Skills offers a wide range of software titles available as DVDs, digital downloads and in iPad editions. Infinite Skills now offers a subscription service, providing access to all of its training content for a monthly fee, in line with the company’s goal of providing job training to clients wherever they want to learn.

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