How are ZWSOFT’s CAD/CAM solutions used in the automotive industry?

Jan 19, 2022


Discover the differences between CAD/CAM and how ZW3D solutions are used in the automotive industry.

Have you ever wondered about the cost of an automobile design error? How about $125 million in punitive damages in 1978, with over 1.5 million recalls and a badly criticized reputation? It was the story of Ford’s Pinto design flaw.

One of the lessons from this story is how crucial precision and accuracy are when designing automotive components. It’s no mystery why car manufacturers are now using CAD/CAM solutions during the design process – there’s no room for error as even a single deviation in data or dimensions can make the defective vehicle.

In this article, we look at the differences between a CAD and CAM package, and how ZW3D CAD/CAM solution is beneficial for the automotive industry.

Parts designed for automobiles must be precise. Image source: ZWCAD.

What is CAD and CAM?

CAM, which stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing, refers to the use of software deployed by a computer system to accurately transmit instructions to a machine tool (CNC), which in turn uses the instructions to manufacture parts high-end machine.

On the other hand, Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the process of using software to create responsive designs of tools, equipment, and structures.

CAD software allows the creation and visualization of both 2D sketches and 3D modules and is often integrated with computer-aided manufacturing, as part of the machine production process.

How are ZWSOFT's CAD/CAM solutions used in the automotive industry?

Image source: ZWCAD.

The differences between CAD and CAM?

It is not uncommon to find people mixing CAD and CAM, but it is necessary to distinguish between the two.

While CAD is the process that involves the transformation of abstract concepts into visualized designs using a computer software package, computer-aided manufacturing is the transformation of these design ideas into physical products by adopting several manufacturing processes.

But, note that while these two forms of computer technology may differ, they have come to rely on each other over time.

CAM relies on the geometry and dimensions of computer-aided design to trace paths on materials that ultimately form manufactured pieces of equipment. This is basically the next manufacturing process to take place after the design is complete. Both processes (CAD and CAM) must occur in synchronous order before manufacturing of any part of a machine can take place.

What can ZW3D’s CAD and CAM systems do for the automotive industry?

After explaining the usefulness of CAD and CAM technologies for the manufacturing process, let’s discuss a software package that uses these two innovations to create products. ZW3D is an integrated CAD/CAM solution that supports the entire manufacturing process. Everything from the initial product design to the final machining operations themselves.

Earlier we touched on the intricacies of product design in the automotive industry and the importance of accuracy and precision in the manufacturing process. ZW3D rises to the challenge and offers much more.

Here are some of the areas where ZW3D becomes invaluable in the automotive industry:

  1. Provides innovative product design. ZW3D offers the automotive industry a better way to create unique product drafts, designs and simulations. It enables the maximization of designs through its use of solid surface hybrid modeling. ZW3D also supports parametric modeling and direct editing of designs, which makes work easier and faster and avoids the dangers associated with deviations and errors when designing components.
  2. Detailed molding. ZW3D recognizes the need for detail when designing castings and has several tools for creating critical components. For example, Fast Core Gravity Separation ensures parting lines are created automatically or manually to increase efficiency during molding.
  3. Efficient machining. Machining operations go up a notch with ZW3D. To begin with, this CAD/CAM system supports multi-axis milling (3, 4 and 5 axis milling), which helps to improve the production quality and precision of automotive components, it also saves a lot of time for machining operations.

    The inclusion of machining functions, such as Swarf, Drive Curve, Drive Surface, Flow Cut, Side Cut, and Point Control, helps improve the machining capability, thereby enhancing its efficiency.

What are the benefits of using ZW3D CAD/CAM solutions in the automotive industry?

ZWSOFT, the maker of ZW3D, understands the nature of the automotive industry and how they are looking for innovative ways to streamline operations and reduce costs. That’s why ZWSOFT has spent long periods of research and development to design CAD/CAM solutions that stand out from the rest.

Some of the benefits automotive industry players derive from using ZW3D CAD/CAM solutions include;

Shorter learning curve. The ZW3D team understands the importance of user experience, that’s why they have developed software with a very familiar and intuitive user interface that allows both beginners and experts to perform design operations easily. Everything from tool selection to file management and design visualization is easy to use, and the software is quite responsive, which helps increase productivity.

Very effective roughing strategies. ZW3D provides innovative technologies for high-speed roughing that accelerate the rate of metal removal during machining operations, reducing the time required to complete the machining procedure and resulting in lower production costs. operation for car manufacturers.

A typical example is ZW3D’s proprietary module, Volumill, which allows the creation of optimized toolpaths that save up to 80% on machining time. In addition, the efficient roughing of ZW3D leads to the use of the full length of the cutting surface, which extends the life of the cutter.

Powerful turn. ZW3D supports multiple machining operations such as; Roughing, finishing, grooving, threading, facing and drilling for turned parts, and these operations can be internal or external. All of this results in the implementation of stronger cutting edges and surface finish. Also, it leads to improving the productivity of the manufacturing process.

How are ZWSOFT's CAD/CAM solutions used in the automotive industry?

Image source: ZWCAD.

What is the main catalyst for innovation?

Competition among players and the need to reduce operating costs to remain profitable are the primary catalyst for innovation in the automotive industry. At the center of it all are CAD/CAM solutions and how they make the manufacturing process more efficient.

For anyone looking for a robust yet simple CAD/CAM solution for their industrial needs, ZW3D is the perfect choice due to its relatively low cost and adaptability for machining manufacturing operations.

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