Hogwarts Legacy Showcases New Cutscene at Developer Conference

Autodesk, a 3D rendering software company best known for its architectural rendering engine, AutoCAD, recently hosted a conference where game studios shared how the company’s programs helped them during development.

One such studio was WB-owned Avalanche Software, which showed how they use Autodesk character animation and effects programs to create their cutscenes for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. As an example, they featured a never-before-seen cutscene of a few students trying to deal with something they don’t have to deal with (in classic Harry Potter fashion).


The cutscene introduces our customizable playable protagonist and a secondary character called Natsai Onai who was revealed in the State of Play preview in March 2022. As described at the time, these companions can teach you new abilities and accompany you in your travels, as you get closer to them. Natsai is a Gryffindor as seen above; she is described as a “brave adventurer driven by the justice she seeks”. In the previous State of Play, we actually saw a small portion of this cutscene, but only the moment when she runs towards the closing doors; this excerpt contextualizes that.

It’s unknown why the villains try to restrain a hippogriff, but fans are no doubt happy to see a beast of its kind present in the game. It’s already been confirmed that the game will have some kind of flight, with previously leaked footage of the main character hovering in his broomstick. A past leak reportedly found, on the game’s website, that one of the deluxe edition bonuses was a Thestral mount, so it’s possible that other types of mounts are also included, besides broomsticks.

The cutscene wasn’t all that was found though. There were also a few screenshots of the character creation process for players, and even a screenshot from the developer side of character creation, specifically for one Abraham Ronen. Chandler Wood, community manager for Avalanche, confirmed via Twitter that he is the school’s charms teacher and that “he is indeed a Slytherin.”

Some fans are expressing disappointment that the options only show preset face shapes, not more detailed customization options where you can adjust every aspect of your face. This would be disappointing for many, but it’s important to keep in mind that games sometimes come with preset options to customize afterwards and the game is still a long way off, so they may still be working on the more detailed creator.

And finally, many took this as another excuse to keep asking for information about a release date. There was a recent Hogwarts Legacy art book that had its release date changed on Amazon, but that’s pretty far from confirmation. With the game still slated for holiday 2022 and the year now reaching August, the silence about it is becoming increasingly unusual. PlayStation apparently has an advertising deal with them, because even though the game is cross-platform, its big reveals are still in PlayStation conferences. They might wait for the next big PlayStation showcase to reveal it, but if not, a delay seems increasingly likely.