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When news reports refer to “hackers”, they are usually referring to people causing chaos. But in reality, hacking skills are more frequently used for positive purposes, like cybersecurity research.

In fact, ethical hacking is a great career path. According to, the average salary for these security professionals is $ 116,000 per year.

How to hack from beginner to ethical hacking certification package helps you break into this exciting field, with 161 hours of video training. You can get it today for just $ 39 at Bleeping Computer Deals.

In professional terms, the role of an ethical hacker is usually to find weaknesses in systems and fix defenses. This makes it harder for malicious hackers to break in and steal data.

In this set, you learn all the skills required for this task. The lineup includes eight comprehensive video courses, including video lessons suitable for beginners.

Along the way, you learn how bad guys launch attacks on networks, servers, desktops, and websites. This includes hands-on tutorials that walk you through techniques like SQL injection, phishing, cross-site scripting, email hacking, and more.

Additionally, the training helps you familiarize yourself with key tools used in business cybersecurity, including Metasploit, Keylogger, and Wireshark. You even get training in Python programming.

Classes are taught by a team of instructors, led by Rob Percival. His classes have been taken by over 1.6 million students on Udemy, earning Percival a 4.5-star rating.

Order today for only $ 39 to get lifetime access to all eight courses, worth a total of $ 1,649!

Prices subject to change.

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