Fiverr Releases Third Global Small Business Needs Index, Highlighting Strength and Optimism of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing the way the world works together, today released its third Small Business Needs Index. The index analyzes data from millions of searches performed on the platform. The services small businesses look for and the search terms they use allow the market to predict what’s important, trends, and next steps for small businesses.

The past year has been a whirlwind for small businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced stay-at-home orders around the world and subsequent closings. In addition to their usual expectations to adapt to changing customer needs, many have had to figure out how to digitally transform in order to survive. Now, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, many are still operating online or with limited in-person capacity.

“While this year has been a year of upheaval and change, we’ve also seen strength and resilience in ways we’ve never seen before,” said Hila Klein, COO of Fiverr. “Entrepreneurship is still there. Technologies are used in new and innovative ways. People are getting more creative than ever. And above all, a recovery is in sight.

Slim & Husky’s, a Nashville-based pizzeria, used Fiverr to enhance its e-commerce offerings and digital presence. “Last year has been a year that no small business, and especially no restaurant, could have prepared – finding the right services to help us run our business was essential to our survival,” said Clint Gray , co-founder of Slim & Husky’s. “Now, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, we are grateful for the help we have received along the way and we have hope for our future.”

Looking at the services that have seen a significant increase in search over the past six months, five major global themes emerged. It is obvious that these are areas where small businesses and entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts in order to rebuild themselves, to pivot and for some, even to start from scratch.

Create your digital storefrontWhether it’s Amazon, Shopify or WordPress, small businesses are looking to create and optimize their digital presence.

  • Amazon virtual assistant, 778%

  • Shopify store design, 302%

  • Shopify sales funnel, 103%

  • Wix website design, 102%

  • WordPress theme customization, 63%

How to recover and rebuild – A year after the start of the pandemic, reconstruction is a priority, starting with a focus on stronger finances and higher profits. We see this especially evident in restaurants creating their own apps to avoid high delivery costs.

  • Food delivery app, 117%

  • Crowdfunding, 115%

  • Fast books, 83%

  • Bookkeeping, 40%

  • Accounting, 33%

Creativity becomes money Whether they’re following a passion or just trying a new way to earn extra income, many creatives turn their creativity into business. This is particularly evident in fashion.

  • Teespring promotion, 111%

  • Custom t-shirt design, 106%

  • Clothing design, 56%

  • Streetwear, 48%

  • Embroidery digitization, 46%

Start something new – Having extra time due to Covid lockdowns has proven to be good for entrepreneurship and innovation. The search for business creation assistance services continues to increase.

  • Business card design, 106%

  • Product mockup, 89%

  • Trademark, 82%

  • Market research, 54%

  • Brand identity, 32%

Upcoming Technologies – Business owners are leveraging both new and old technologies to support their workflows and business processes.

  • Get response, 91%

  • Elementor Pro, 89%

  • Cash application, 83%

  • Divine, 50%

  • Autocad, 32%

In the United States in particular, it is clear that companies that have moved online are now looking to take advantage of tools like Google Analytics. (Google Analytics, 283% search increase) to measure and report web traffic. Entrepreneurs seek to turn their dreams into reality and find the right tools to do so, such as finding help with a business plan (Business plan writer, 150% increase in research). In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, Americans have been starting new fastest-growing businesses in more than a decade. Many new clothing trends have emerged this year, ranging from monochrome and tie-dye to luxury loungewear, and emerging companies are looking for the best ways to manufacture their designs. (Clothing manufacturer, searches increase by 79%).

The Fiverr Small Business Needs Index also lists the most popular and fastest growing searches for businesses in Australia, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. A breakdown by country is available here.

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