Everything you need to know about the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite updates

CorelDRAW is a widely used vector software for creating logos, brochures, invitation cards, flex and any other type of vector designs.

According to the press release emailed by Corel, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite updates focus on enhancing creativity and productivity while providing personalized benefits to subscribers. If you want to know more about these updates, keep reading.

Learn more easily

Custom learning options are now available for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, all tailored to your needs. You can find recommended learning content based on how you work and what you want to see in the Learn Docker/Inspector tongue.

Additionally, you can use the To explore to search for content online while you work. You will get a list of results all related to official CorelDRAW tutorials. Depending on what you searched for, you’ll also get a list of tools that could potentially help you.

Instead of wasting time browsing online until you find relevant results, you can use the new and improved explore options that focus only on tutorials related to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Improved photo editing functions

With the Docker/Inspector tweaks Improved options, you can now play with non-destructive tuning presets, allowing you to work much faster.

A few adjustment filters have been added, including new editing options for existing filters. With the new image adjustment workflow, you can organize your presets into custom categories, use newly selected preset styles, and save adjustment filter settings.


If you have photo editing preferences in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the ability to save your preferences will make your life easier. Instead of having to fiddle with adjustment options each time, you can simply access your previously saved adjustment preferences and apply them to the photos you are currently editing.

Although Corel PHOTO-PAINT has solid photo editing options, they still lack compared to programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Improvements requested by users

CorelDRAW already had a bunch of cool templates, but now a lot of modern templates have been added. These templates can be modified to your liking and can be found in the Homepageor you can just go to Case > New from model.

There are some improvements added to pages to make you work more efficiently. You can resize and display pages more naturally and even add pages much faster without having to organize everything manually. This can help if you’re working on a big project that requires a lot of precision and working pages.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite now supports TIFF, SVG, and EPS file types in the multi-asset export workflow.

Submit your ideas

With the newly added feedback loop, designers can directly contribute to the future design of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. If you have ideas that you think would benefit the future development of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you can submit them directly. You can also vote on suggestions submitted by others.

New CorelDRAW Graphics Suite updates will maximize your creative potential

Now you can stay up to date with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite by having subscriber access to the latest tools, learning materials, enhanced features, creative templates, additional fonts, and support for the latest technologies.

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