Design like a pro with this discounted AutoCAD training package

AutoCAD has made life easier for a generation of engineers and architects for decades. Nowadays, it is much less of a niche tool, as game developers, artists and designers from various fields can utilize the software’s precise drafting features and adaptability through a wide range of plugins. .

If you’ve never worked with the software before, prepare to be amazed at what it can do, not just for your job, but for your resume. True proficiency in AutoCAD will come in handy just about anywhere in the tech industry, and you can learn the skills you need with the Learn AutoCAD Programming Certification Package.

One of AutoCAD’s great strengths is its versatility, and you can write code to interact with and enhance the software using a few different languages. This set covers some of the main ones, and beginners can choose ways to learn.

VBA is one of the best suited languages ​​for AutoCAD, so you can expect to cover it here. Not only will you learn how to create graphical user interface for AutoCAD using VBA, but you will also be able to build plugins for other platforms like Excel. Lectures and exercises by expert developer Arnold Higuit walk you through the syntax in a methodical way that you can take in at your own pace.

There are separate programming focused courses including C # and AutoLISP. You’ll get a feel for how each is suited for different types of jobs, and you’ll walk away with certifications that will grab the attention of any employer.

PCMag readers can start learning today Learn AutoCAD Programming Certification Package, on sale for $ 29.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $ 1,600.

Prices subject to change.

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