Dell halves prices for workstation laptops and desktops

There are plenty of great desktops and laptops to choose from, but it’s often hard to argue against the huge range and versatility of Dell’s offerings, especially if you go for high-end work machines that can handle things like Maya or AutoCAD. . That’s why we’re always looking forward to Dell Precision workstation deals like these two – one on a desktop and the other on a laptop – so let’s dive in and see what’s available.

Precision 3650 tower workstation – $879, was $1,767

If you’re looking for great desktop PC deals, the Precision 3560 not only has great base specs, but it also has plenty of room for customization. For example, while the base model comes with an 11th Gen Intel i5-11600 processor, an excellent mid-range processor, you can upgrade it to an Intel Xeon W-1390P, a high-end processor from server quality that pretty much blows just about any CPU task out of the water. The same goes for RAM, which is 8GB non-ECC with the base model, but can be upgraded to 128GB ECC. Likewise, while there’s no GPU in the base model, you can upgrade it with single or dual Nvidia or AMD GPUs if you want to opt for a graphics or video editing powerhouse. All in all, you can build this workstation exactly how you need it.

Precision 3561 Workstation – $1,399, was $2,807

The Dell Precision 3561 mobile workstation, with an on-screen graphics application.

If you need something a little more mobile, we’ve got it as one of the best laptop deals of the day. The Precision 3561 is a powerhouse in a small and portable form factor, with an insane Nvidia Quadro T600, 4GB, making it perfect for design and GPU-intensive work. It also comes with an 11th Gen Intel i5-11500H, an excellent mid-tier processor, and combined with the 16GB of RAM, it should get you through most software with ease, although you can always upgrade. Upgrade the RAM up to 64GB if you’re doing something like AutoCAD. The base hard drive is a 512GB SSD, with the option to upgrade to a 2TB SSD as well as grab secondary storage of up to 512GB SSD or a 2TB HDD. You can also change the screen to be touch-enabled, although you’ll lose sRGB coverage, so if you’re a graphic designer it’s probably not worth it, although we think a battery upgrade will is.

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