DAT / EM Systems International publishes Summit Evolution photogrammetric software product guide for forestry companies

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, USA, December 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – DAT / EM Systems International has released a new guide detailing how Summit Evolution photogrammetric software is benefiting companies in the wood industry. Technology is revolutionizing traditional methods of inventory management, monitoring forest health, and planning roads and infrastructure.

Summit Evolution is a photogrammetric workstation that allows you to create 3D vectors from stereo images. It works with third party software, such as AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, ArcGIS® or Global Mapper®. It offers several user-friendly tools for forestry companies, including:

 Unlimited zoom levels
 Fast panning and automatic loading of adjacent stereo models
 Manual and automatic image orientation capabilities
 3D vector scanning with DAT / EM Capture
Terrain visualization tool
 Point translator for importing, reorganizing and converting point data
 Multiple views including bird’s eye view, close-up, and project overview
 Compatibility with monochromatic, panchromatic, three-channel and multi-channel multispectral images
 Compatibility with a wide range of image types, including scanned and digital aerial images, satellite images, LiDAR data, close-up images, etc.

This technology allows forestry companies to track their inventory more easily and more accurately, allowing them to make financial projections and increase their profits. Summit Evolution does this by taking aerial images, like those taken by drones, and creating stock maps that can be used to roughly calculate how many pieces of wood each pile contains.

Photogrammetry is also used to count trees and monitor the health of those trees. Logging companies often keep track of infections, infestations or other problems that cause tree death or widespread disease.

Using drones and photogrammetry, forestry companies can classify trees into dead, unhealthy, and healthy populations to track their inventory and intervene if necessary.

3D maps also help forestry companies monitor forest fire damage. They can identify potential dangers to tree life, identify areas of dense bushes and vegetation, and map forests after a fire to calculate losses.

In addition, photogrammetry allows logging companies to easily plan routes of roads and infrastructure by creating surface models.

DAT / EM Systems International is a leading developer of photogrammetry software and hardware. Those interested can try a free demo of Summit Evolution by visiting the DAT / EM Systems International website.

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