Creating Referenced Hyperlinks in AutoCAD Electrical


August 30, 2015

By: Alex Karan

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn how to create PDF files with referenced hyperlinks.

Editor’s Note: This tutorial is courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.

AutoCAD Electrical 2015 and 2016 allow you to publish in Adobe PDF file format with referenced hyperlinks. This feature works very similar to AutoCAD printing. The created PDF file will have hyperlinks between:

  • Signal sources and destinations,
  • Parent and Child Symbols, and
  • Panel layout and layout components.

To get started, create your layout depending on whether you are using layouts or just model space. These settings will be used during the PDF publishing process.

Once your electrical project is ready to be published as PDF, select Publish as PDF in AutoCAD Electrical Project Manager.


Select the drawings in the project that you want to publish or Do All to select all the drawings in the project.


AutoCAD Electrical ONLY supports a single layout environment. Therefore, if you are using the layout environment, select the First Layout tab. If you are using model space, select the Model tab for printing.


Then in AutoCAD Electrical’s Publish PDF dialog box, select Multi-sheet files, otherwise each drawing will be printed as a separate PDF file and hyperlinks will not be enabled / possible.

Assign the appropriate layout or import the layout from the model drawing.


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