Check out this awesome Murderbot cosplay

Atlanta’s annual Dragon Con took place this weekend, and although the convention handed out this year’s Dragon Awards over the weekend, the con is probably best known as one of the biggest destinations for cosplayers.

Among the costumes there this year? An excellent take on Martha Wells’ Murderbot, built by an Ohio-based cosplayer Christophe Hunter.

Hunter explained via email that he based his costume design on Jaime Jones’ cover of All systems red, artificial condition, and Fleeting telemetry, and got the idea to build the costume when he came across an Etsy seller who made visors in the right shape for the helmet.

From there he built the rest of the costume. “First I built a foam helmet,” he explained, “but then the seller was kind enough to share the visor CAD file. So I instead rendered the helmet in AutoCAD Fusion around the visor and printed it in PETG. The bumps are also CAD done and printed.

Hunter built the rest of Murderbot’s armor out of foam, cutting it out on a Glowforge, based on designs he drew by hand in Inkscape, or adapted from another model. He built the leather belt and 3D printed the forearms, and added “custom Circuitpython code driving servos and LEDs from an Adafruit M4 Feather and Servo Featherwing”.

The text on the costume came out of a Cricut, and required a little creative license.

“For the front, I wanted to help viewers know who it was. It’s a bit of an ambiguous design with no context. For the back, we didn’t have any artwork, so I got a little creative… and silly. But I think everything is consistent with how Murderbot might graffiti their gear, now that they’re free? I enjoyed the idea of ​​a safe / armed light in the back, which they might not even be There is a hint that SecUnits have forced perception filters, and their backs should generally be turned towards their clients. Basically I was thinking of a claymore mine, with its marking “on this side of the lane.” ‘enemy’.

He explained that he had gained some experience over the past two years building Star wars droids, but it was a new challenge: “It was one of my first totally original creations (can I say that if I riff a lot about the work of an artist? But I’m short of term) creation. This is also my very first foam construction, and my first CAD on this scale. So pretty much all the skills I have have been used and pushed to their limits! “

When he presented the final costume at Dragon Con, he did so with a sign (I’d rather watch Sanctuary Moon), and noted that mar’s animated clip to Tegan & Sara’s song “I’m Not Your Hero “was a big inspiration.

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