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Chemical Drafting Software market size 2021

The Chemical Drafting Software market report provides the significant information on the current status and outlook for the market. The report focuses on market size, share, growth, and emerging trends. The report further offers insightful and elaborate information on numerous market players with business specifications, market sales, total revenue, and prices. Other historical information and […]

Best building design and BIM software in 2021

What is building design and building information modeling (BIM) software? Building design and BIM software also includes CAD software products commonly used in the architectural and construction industries. As such, many will offer libraries and tools specifically aimed at architectural design and construction. Providing a model-based process for designing and managing buildings and infrastructure, Building […]

Best General Purpose CAD Software

What is CAD software? CAD software is used in various industries to create 2D technical illustrations, mock-ups and 3D models. Such digital representations are used to facilitate the creation of real objects in the tangible world. The CAD programs included in the general purpose category offer a range of tools and functionality with products varying […]

Autodesk labs testing the future of construction, from drones to holog

When renovations began on a century-old YMCA building in Beverly, Massachusetts, a laser scan of the building revealed a unique challenge: Almost all of the building’s ceilings were slightly uneven. Cropping the walls of the building would require hundreds of studs of different sizes. Building them on the spot would be a complicated nightmare. Windover […]

Free July 7 Webinar: What’s New in AutoCAD 2022

A2K Technologies announces a free webinar on the new version of AutoCAD 2022, which is ready to be installed and used. This version has some very beneficial tools for users to explore and enjoy. By further expanding collaboration and interactivity tools in the cloud, Autodesk now allows you to share annotations from the AutoCAD web […]

Choosing the Best Autodesk Product for Your Business

“The Stone Age was marked by the intelligent use of rough tools by man; the information age to date has been marked by the crude human use of intelligent tools. Although the author is unknown, there is some truth to this claim. In the digital age, almost all industries have standardized software, but how this […]

Is Autodesk Stock a Purchase?

The Biden administration has made an infrastructure spending bill a top priority. The final amount has yet to be determined, but hundreds of billions of dollars are expected to be spent on America’s roads, power grid, manufacturing capabilities, and technological research to prepare it for a new digital age. With so much money expected to […]

Best PDF to AutoCAD Converter of 2021: Free and Paid, for Windows, Mac, Android and Online

The best PDF to AutoCAD converters provide a simple and easy solution for importing digital designs into your 3D design software. The best PDF to AutoCAD converter PDF files are versatile and easy to use and can be transmitted electronically. DWG files are typically used by designers to store and transmit geometric data, maps, design […]

NanoCAD: Explore Popular Free CAD Software

Before embarking on 3D printing, you must first make a 3D digital model of the part. This can be done in a number of ways. Probably the most common technology in 3D printing modeling is CAD (computer aided design), which is used in the creation of designs, constructions and technical drawings. There are many types […]