Cardno: Peter Tragjasi brings drawings to life

Since joining Cardno’s circulation team in 1995, Peter’s diligent attention and approach to detail and design has earned the respect of his colleagues and clients.

What sets Peter apart are his intricate hand-drawn designs and his work to bring them to life.

Peter began his career at VicGrain in civil, mechanical and structural engineering in 1979 before working with Hassell Architects and Victoria University of Technology, a diverse experience that allows for a better understanding of the structural, civil, road and architectural implications involved in a project.

At Cardno, Peter is responsible for the design of parking solutions, access and maneuverability of commercial vehicles, bus terminals, gas stations and checkpoint configuration as well as the design of commercial vehicles. intersections. He has experience in cargo inspection audits, particularly in shopping center environments. Most of his work is on an all-terrain canvas and effectively involves the use of AutoCAD and Autoturn software.

More recently, Peter has been heavily involved in the design of vehicle ramps, vertical curves and transitions to verify vehicle height and ground clearance requirements. His ability to tackle complex driveway slopes and cross drops to match adjacent garage levels was especially strong.

Peter is primarily a practitioner specializing in freehand schematic design and conceptual presentations in the early stages of design and feasibility.

Its ability to develop functional layout options for level and multi-level parking lots, as well as large-scale loading facilities, provides a clear indication of the vision and capabilities of our design team.

A conscientious and incisive member of our circulation team, Peter believes that the most stimulating aspect of his job is to successfully combine man-made structures with the environment in a sensitive and practical manner, a philosophy that helps keep Cardno at the cutting edge of sustainable design. solutions.

At Cardno, we pride ourselves on investing in our people. Through his creativity and a deep understanding of design, Peter creates lasting and valuable results for our clients across the country.

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