BIM service providers in the United States working with structural drawings for building design

Structural drawings for building design

Shop Drawings vs. As-Built Drawings

Shop Drawings vs. As-Built Drawings

Structural BIM project

Structural BIM project

Tall City structural project in New York

Tall City structural project in New York

BIM structural model of the Signal House project

BIM structural model of the Signal House project

BIM service providers in the United States emphasize construction drawings to give architects a way to communicate ideas and notions about a project.

We work with different structural drawings including column layout, plinth beam, roof beam and shutter layout, roof slabs, block plan, frame plan and other building components .

— Soukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, January 18, 2022 / — A building plan provides a complete picture of the building structure, including all technical data in a readable style. Plans are required for project approval. Building designs guide the construction workflow, in accordance with building codes. Recently, BIM service providers in the United States are placing more emphasis on construction drawings to give architects a way to communicate ideas and notions about a project.

Importance of structural drawings:

Structural drawings emphasize the structural aspects of the building and technical illustrations are part of the proposed construction materials, serving as a reference for engineers.

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Sukh Singh, the vice president of Tejjy Inc. – one of the proficient BIM companies in the United States said –

“We work with different structural drawings including column layout, plinth beam, roof beam and flap layout, roof slabs, ground plan, framework plan, component drawing of the building, the conceptual drawings, the structural engineering drawings, the assembly drawings, the design drawings and the plan of the foundations.

Different types of structural drawings

• Column layout: The structural design and pattern of the column is reinforced by the column layout. The layout divides the building into floors, specifying the exact size and distance between columns. Drawings help building contractors understand the building as a whole.

• Arrangement of plinth beams: plinth beams are yet another type of beam structure that reinforces the support system of a building. The plinth beam layout drawings show how the plinth beams are positioned, extended and sectioned. The plinth beam designs are also prepared floor by floor.

• Arrangement of roof beams and shutters: A roof beam is used to reinforce the overall structure of a building. The triangular shaped structure supports the roof and is built on top. Roof beams are created with wood, however, steel or concrete is also used in this regard.

• Roof slab layout: In AutoCAD architectural software, the roof slab layout is more apparent. The primary purpose of the roof slab is to provide a comprehensive account of floors, roof faces, and other surfaces that require accurate edge information.

• General Plan: Representing a larger area, close to the main building, the General Plan takes into consideration neighboring structures, roads, boundaries and other elements. Usually block plans are shown to scale, encompassing a large area.

• Framing plan: framing plans provide details about the framework, as well as the sizes and locations of the beams. Builders can quickly capture and create plans for a building’s roof, floor, and other vital structures.

• Drawing of building components: Drawings provided by a manufacturer are often referred to as component drawings. the building plans include all component drawings, giving you a thorough understanding of markings and sub-parts.

• Concept drawings: Concept drawings are like the first draft of a construction project. They are not very detailed but provide rough sketches of the structure and its surroundings. They are commonly used to give stakeholders an overview of the building.

• Structural Engineering Drawings: Building components are essential for installation. Therefore, engineering sketches help to make the placement of building structures as easy as possible. Structural engineering drawings serve as a guide for contractors and engineers, ensuring that they are working together to achieve the goal.

• Assembly Drawings: Engineers use assembly drawings to show the connection between structural components, showing the total number of building components that come together. The drawings have 3D, section and elevation views, among other drawings and models.

• Design Drawings: Design drawings look like concept drawings, which means they are also handy for retrieving new conversions from a specific project. They are also used to propose designs to stakeholders and provide a baseline for design teams to review. Design drawings serve as a reference to evaluate a comparison.

• Foundation plan: Basement and main floor plans are not always the same thing. A foundation plan is required to create a floor. The purpose of the floor plan is to represent the measurements, sizes, shapes and all possible combinations of a floor. A foundation plan would be incomplete without footings.

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Structural BIM projects from BIM modeling company – Tejjy Inc.

• Norman M Cole Jr. Pollution Control Plant, Lorton, VA
• Tall City Project, New York, United States
• Signal House, Washington DC, USA

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