Best construction technology for 2022


There is really no way to escape the competitive nature of modern construction, with contractors and construction companies feeling constant pressure to adapt and innovate in an increasingly fast-paced world. Teams face challenges in every aspect of a project, from tendering to estimating to tracking progress. Fortunately, new software is helping construction crews do their jobs more efficiently, safely, and faster. Innovative From drone survey software to building information modeling (BIM) systems, read on to learn more about the technology that is transforming the construction industry and will help teams stay competitive in 2022 and beyond.

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3D modeling and design

Construction projects of today (and tomorrow) benefit from 3D modeling as they seek to improve project management, safety and sustainability. Companies like Propeller Aero and AutoCAD provide 3D visualization solutions that guide project planning, progress tracking, and more.

  • Aero propeller: As a global leader in 3D mapping and data analysis, Propeller’s drone survey hardware and software solutions provide construction teams with incredibly accurate visuals that allow them to track, map and measure job sites. With 24-hour drone data processing, photogrammetric renderings, measurable 3D site surveys, and cloud-based access, Propeller’s solutions give civil construction and earthmoving professionals constant access to more data. The result is better, faster decision making and improved jobsite safety and durability.
  • AutoCAD: AutoCAD is one of the best known names in the construction industry, offering the best drafting software that can be used in all aspects of construction, from project planning to solving design problems. It’s also innovative and intuitive, with integrations that support everything from GIS data to post-construction building lifecycle management software.

Construction management

Combining business, construction, and engineering aspects, construction management software helps decision makers monitor contractors, deadlines, and large budgets often associated with industry. When it comes to staying competitive in today’s industry, the margin for error is small. Companies like Raken and Autodesk provide easy-to-use software that connects what happens in the field with what happens in the office.

  • Rake: The Raken platform ensures that entrepreneurs have all the tools they need for day-to-day field operations. Using daily reporting modules, field and office teams have up-to-date overview of progress tracking and project summaries that keep time and on budget.
  • Autodesk: Autodesk BIM 360 provides real-time collaboration tools to all teams involved in a project. With document management, project performance monitoring, security management, and more, businesses using BIM 360 enjoy remote collaboration efficiency and increased productivity, resulting in significant cost savings.

Bids and estimation

Tendering has always been a complicated balancing act in construction, but software helps contractors and builders create detailed cost estimates, construction plans, and schedules. Esticom and STACK are particularly useful in facilitating quick and accurate cost estimates that help teams win deals and stay profitable.

  • Esticom: Contractors need accurate information before construction to forecast labor costs, material expenses, and other major expenses involved in a potential project. With Esticom’s cloud-based planning and estimating tool, entrepreneurs can quickly determine if they are charging the right amount upfront, helping them craft competitive and winning deals that maximize profits.
  • STACK: STACK is a cloud-based tool that serves businesses of all sizes, from the individual level to the enterprise level. Important metrics like equipment, material, and labor costs are preloaded into the platform, allowing businesses to quickly create personalized estimates and branding propositions to secure winning deals. It is a user-friendly platform which is further enhanced with exceptional customer support provided at no additional cost.

Software generates competitive advantage

Which platforms are most relevant to your workflow? In many cases, it’s not about choosing one platform over another – combining multiple solutions can be an effective way to address the constant challenges of construction projects, from initial site inspection to completion. project delivery.

Take an objective look at the weak spots in your business and determine the solutions that best match your current and future goals, whether you’re ready to scale to meet demand or just looking to improve your organization’s bottom line.


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