Autodesk Updates AutoCAD for Mac — Touch Bar Support


Autodesk joins the club by becoming the second major CAD developer with Touch Bar support in the latest dot dot release of the Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 product line for Mac. Other UX and customization improvements round out this free mid-version update that users are sure to appreciate.

Autodesk quietly announced a major update for the AutoCAD for Mac product line, which includes AutoCAD 2017 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac.

New touch bar support

Released in November 2016, this new interim update introduces Apple Touch Bar support for the latest and most popular MacBook Pro laptops. This new support is in AutoCAD 2017.1 release.

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Autodesk has three major additional features for version 2017.1 that include touch bar support, user interface enhancements, and settings migration functionality. Beta tester, Joshua Straume of architect Arthur D. Straume wrote: “After installing the AutoCAD update for Mac, I used it for over 100 hours of work and recreational writing without any issues or problem.

Key points to remember

Autodesk is now the second CAD software company to announce support for Apple’s Touch Bar technology. However, the approach they’ve taken to the Touch Bar options appears to be non-contextual and heavily based on defaults and configuration. Users will have access to toggle on and off items such as grid, snaps, object snaps tracking, and command line window access. It’s a very light approach.

Autodesk’s new support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar includes default support for 10 functions that can be moved as a set to the Touch Bar interface. But, users can customize this arrangement by adding from a list of about half a dozen other controls to override. Items like ISO plane, object snap tracking, on / off grid, dynamic UCS, snap mode, and command window are just a few of the customization options in the touch bar when running AutoCAD 2017.1 for Mac or the LT version on a MacBook Pro.

01 – Autodesk updates AutoCAD for Mac with Touch Bar support.

Additional UX / UI features include new docking and undocking capabilities in the Layers palette and the Property inspector. This will greatly help users who use AutoCAD for Mac on two monitors and will use them in such a way as to place the drawing window on one screen and the palettes on another.

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The third and final big improvement in this version of Point Point is further improvements to the settings dialog. Users can now seamlessly migrate their custom settings to future updates and never lose them while doing so.

One of the strengths of AutoCAD for Mac is its extreme customization capabilities. Users can add or remove items from the standard drop-down menus and the Tool Sets palette.

To learn more about Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac and available updates, visit here. For more information on the AutoCAD for Mac product line, click here.

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