AutoCad: the key that opens the door to career opportunities


AutoCAD, the computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Autodesk, has become the standard for 2D and 3D modeling for almost a decade. More than 100 million people today use software developed by Autodesk, such as Revit, Maya and Fusion 360.

However, the company’s most popular product, AutoCAD, has become the benchmark for modeling in industries such as civil, mechanical, electrical, architecture, construction, and even media and entertainment.

Source: Autodesk

The popularity of the software is certainly no coincidence. AutoCAD allows industries to sketch and model any idea for real applications; whether it is a production line, a housing estate for 1000 people, or a specific type of tiny reel. By using AutoCAD, you will have no limits in terms of designing and simulating real-life productions and seeing how they work.

Not only that, the model of an already existing product could be created on AutoCAD and an engineer could simply work the system on the software to accurately determine product defects and problems, thus sparing businesses and industries all the testing. and errors. a process that would otherwise cost a lot of money and a waste of time.

Design production, troubleshooting, simulations, quality assurance, and control are just some of the many things you can do with AutoCAD, which makes software an essential skill in engineering and construction. ‘architecture. If you work or plan to work in any of these industries, we strongly recommend that you start learning AutoCAD. And if you have a basic knowledge of the software, honing your AutoCAD skills in a specific area is a very profitable activity for your future career.

AutoCad: the key that opens the door to many career opportunities
Source: Autodesk

You can learn to design for whatever field you are about to evolve into, or you can keep your AutoCAD skills up to date while working on AutoCAD, as the software itself continues to evolve.

Where to start?

Autodesk’s official website offers you a free trial for AutoCad, so that you can have your first experience with the software for free.

By click here, you can start monthly or annual payment programs to have AutoCAD software, the monthly subscription cost is $ 220 and the annual program is $ 1,775. The third option is to have AutoCAD for 3 years for $ 4,795, which works out to $ 133.19 per month.

There is also limited time special offer here, which includes a three-pack, a 3-year subscription with a 15% discount off the suggested retail price.

You can choose from a variety of specialized AutoCAD tool sets such as Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Map 3D, MEP, and Plant 3D tool sets, depending on your primary purpose with the software.

How to learn AutoCAD?

The website has a Learn section where you can find the best starting point for your AutoCAD journey. Autodesk Design Academy includes a wide variety of courses that you can take after subscribing to Autodesk. Courses can teach you how to design in all areas using AutoCAD, from architecture to engineering. The orientation tool is quite comprehensive, as you can enter the desired field of study (eg civil engineering), software, levels (eg beginner), career (eg civil engineer) and find the courses that best meet your needs.

Autodesk University gives you a full college experience where you can watch lectures, take presentations, and learn from documents on AutoCAD and other software. Here you can also upload the documents and presentations to create your AutoCAD learning archive.

Autodesk Knowledge Network offers a rich repository from Autodesk, its community and its partners. This is where you can find information on tutorials, documentation, downloads, and articles. From there, you can learn how to download what you need, how to manage your Autodesk account, and other site and software details.

Autodesk Community is where you can contact Autodesk users around the world, ask questions, explore discussions, join user, developer or online groups to learn more, build relationships, strengthen your network and share your experiences. This section has a beginner section from where you can start your journey. It is always helpful to blend in with the community during your learning process.

Autodesk Customer Success Center is included in any subscription plan you choose to have, where you can expand your knowledge of the software through videos, courses, and live coaching sessions with Autodesk experts. You can work collaboratively on large projects in the hub, where you can use your knowledge in more complex projects and improve your AutoCAD skills with new challenges. This is also where you can contact the Autodesk support team for any troubleshooting situation.

AutoCad: the key that opens the door to many career opportunities
Source: Autodesk

Besides the sources offered by Autodesk, you are always free to explore AutoCAD videos on the Internet. There are also many courses available online, where you can learn AutoCAD step by step, from beginner level to specific area of ​​your choice.

Connect via mobile app and web app

You can use AutoCAD on different devices like your mobile phone, as good as web application. The mobile app allows you to edit DWG files in real time, access all your CAD drawings with your smartphone or tablet.

AutoCad: the key that opens the door to many career opportunities
Source: Autodesk

The web application includes familiar AutoCAD online drawing tools in a streamlined interface. You can access and update your DWG files through the web application. Mobile and web apps for AutoCAD are included in your subscription. The apps provide great flexibility during your learning process, as you can switch to your smartphone or laptop to continue designing in a more relaxed way.

It’s a productive free time activity

The process of learning with anything that takes time can seem difficult at first. But at the start of your AutoCAD journey, you’ll find that the process itself is also a great free time activity where you can go wherever your imagination takes you through the software. After all, AutoCAD is a creative tool where you can use your dream projects and see how they work.

We therefore recommend that you take advantage of your AutoCAD experience and use your free time with the software which will open the doors to many career opportunities for you once you have a certain level of expertise.


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