AutoCAD is coming to iPad, iPhone, coming back to Mac


Autodesk is bringing its AutoCAD architecture, design and engineering software back to Mac OS after an 18-year hiatus, the company said tonight. But the company plans to do more than just offer a Mac OS X version of AutoCAD: it announces that it will release a free version of the software, dubbed AutoCAD WS, for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to review, edit and share AutoCAD files on these popular mobile devices.

The company claims that AutoCAD for Mac OS X is a fully native application, using Mac OS X libraries and native user interface features. AutoCAD for Mac takes full advantage of Mac OS X, including graphical navigation of design files with Cover Flow and the use of multitouch gestures on Mac laptops, the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for intuitive panning and zoom, a spokesperson said. User experience design patterns, such as the visual approach to drawing and layout management, have also been incorporated into AutoCAD for Mac.

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AutoCAD for Mac has an API that the company describes as “extended” and flexible customization options that enable tailor-made workflows, easy application development and adaptation, custom configurations for settings, and options. screen to suit individual workflows and project demands.

The new AutoCAD software will ship “this fall,” the company says. The Mac OS X edition costs the same as the Windows version: $ 3,995 without a support subscription and $ 4,445 with one.

Apple, in rare personal contact with publishers, trumpeted the news of AutoCAD’s return today. “Apple is delighted that Autodesk is bringing AutoCAD back to the Mac,” said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of global product marketing, Apple.

When AutoCAD dropped Mac support in 1992, Apple was starting to run out of steam and focus on a series of leaders – John Sculley, Michael Spindler, and Gil Amelio – and the loss of the first engineering design software. at the time ended Apple’s efforts to expand into the corporate market. Thus, the return of AutoCAD represents a new level of acceptance and a justification of the Mac OS X and iOS strategies of CEO Steve Jobs.

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