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The guiding principle behind every decision we make at the Bouldering Project is: what can we do to make being in our gyms the best possible experience for everyone who walks through the door? They are serious climbers, recreational climbers and beginner climbers. They are parents, children and budding teenagers. They are athletes who train for marathons and enthusiasts who use rock climbing to achieve their health and fitness goals. It’s also about our people – an incredible, hardworking, dedicated, driven, inspired and inspiring group of people.

At the Bouldering Project, our goal is to foster a meaningful human connection with the most inspiring and inclusive climbing, movement and community spaces. This role will have an outsized influence on the physical spaces at the heart of our company’s offering.


You will play a critical role in the architectural design of next generation climbing walls for new bouldering projects and renovations of existing facilities. You will work closely with our co-founder and design architect, our in-house modeling and manufacturing teams. You will collect and integrate feedback from internal and external stakeholders, including our creative, creative design and community representative teams.

You will be responsible for developing digital tools to improve the design process and data outputs to improve the digital manufacturing of our climbing walls. You will also prepare renderings and flyovers for internal company presentations.


  • Passion and creativity to design the best climbing walls on the planet, ideally stemming from your own mountaineering experience

  • Experience with digital modeling tools such as Rhino, scripting tools such as Grasshopper, and digital fabrication tools such as CNC cutting files

  • Strong understanding of Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture or related field

  • Portfolio of rendered designs and visual representation of design ideas

  • Excitement and ability to travel to existing and new Bouldering Project gyms to collaborate with our teams and stakeholders in person


The Bouldering Project is a community-driven company and strives to lead by example by making our offerings accessible to everyone, while providing moments of inspiration and thrills. SBP believes that safety is paramount, quality over quantity, and all are welcome. We expect our leaders to embody these values.

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Please send a cover letter, portfolio and resume to Ciara at ciara.rin[email protected] Thank you.

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