An intuitive approach that will change your perception of BIM


An intuitive approach that will change your perception of BIM

Project conceptualization has the greatest impact on a building’s functionality, performance and cost – this is when key decisions regarding layout and aesthetics are made. While the depth of data required to make these decisions is best served by BIM, it’s understandable that architects are reluctant to use BIM tools in the design process.

Conceptual design requires tools that support unconstrained sculpting of the constructed form. Being able to iterate quickly is essential for testing multiple options in a relatively short time. BIM tools, being largely restrictive, are better suited to documentation.

As such, BIM has been relegated outside of the early stages of design. It usually comes into play once a project is won. The first drawings or models are discarded and the project is restarted on BIM to adapt to the level of precision required by the delivery of the project. In the process, design data is either dropped or assembled through several specialized integrations.

BIM can be simple and intuitive

Imagine an alternative workflow. You sketch and sculpt spaces with ease, while a parametric building information model is created in the background, with no extra effort. What’s this Snaptrude brings to the table.

Snaptrude is an intuitive and highly automated design tool for architects. With Snaptrude, BIM is no longer too complex or slow for the initial design. The foundation of BIM is built while you design with familiar tools.

With the ability to start from a napkin sketch, AutoCad blueprint, or 3D terrain map, Snaptrude is built for design flexibility.

Democratize parametric modeling

Draw three-dimensional spatial volumes, rather than lines or walls. Spaces are parametric and integrated with intelligence. Simple spatial, room, and typology tags update spatial properties and appearance. Multi-storey mass models can be converted into neat and detailed models with a one-click wall and slab generator. Each floor plan can be detailed in 2D and 3D with a collection of parametric families.

By using Snaptrude, Max Dediuhin, an architect based in Monte Negro, was able to simplify his design workflow. “It’s extremely easy to use, there is no need for hundreds of pages of manuals or training sessions. For me this is amazing because I work a lot on complicated software where even to draw a wall or a roof you have to watch a lot of tutorials.

Painless, data-driven design

Because it’s in the cloud, new age design tools like Snaptrude give users code-free access to global data on terrain, climate, material costs and more. Snaptrude offers simple solutions to keep sustainability at the forefront of your design workflow.

Courtesy of Snaptrude
Courtesy of Snaptrude

Plus, data on your designs is automatically calculated in real time as you iterate. This includes detailed and fully customizable program areas. Choose to exclude terraces, lobbies, basement parking lots or even some ISP walls, and tailor your design to regulatory needs.

Snaptrude’s Auto BoQ lets you weigh design options against budget implications early on in the process. Users can choose the best option from a design and cost perspective. For example, decisions such as reducing costly glazing or choosing between exposed concrete and a specific coating can be made even before the first customer presentations.

Courtesy of Snaptrude
Courtesy of Snaptrude

Flexibility and interoperability

Snaptrude works on web browsers and is therefore extremely lightweight; it can even be used on a tablet to sketch out your thoughts. Stan Fowler of SF Architects says: “I was impressed with the way Snaptrude presents itself. Other design software is 20 years old and limited to Windows desktops. We need new generation tools to innovate and disrupt. As a web platform, I can use it on Mac.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of designing over Snaptrude is the seamless integration with industry standard tools. Export from Snaptrude to .dwg, .ifc and even directly into Revit, with full information on parametric families, and connect to the rendering platform of your choice with exports to .fbx, .obj, etc.

Courtesy of Snaptrude
Courtesy of Snaptrude

In conclusion…

BIM has become a necessity for architects, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it once was. Snaptrude was designed to demystify BIM and make it easy to implement. Your team can be BIM enabled with little or no additional training.

Snaptrude’s fully integrated workflow saves users weeks or even months of effort that would otherwise be spent on repetitive and mundane tasks. With Snaptrude, users can prioritize design, work intuitively, and eliminate the data hole between design stages.

Snaptrude offers a free trial. Find out by registering here.