AMD led workstation processor sales in June, Intel loses ten years ahead


Puget Systems, a custom PC construction company based in Auburn, Wash., Has released its latest sales and distribution reports for its versions of Intel and AMD workstations. One of the published reports showed that in six out of ten custom computers sold, AMD processors were present compared to Intel processors. Puget Systems had phased out AMD processors for a period starting in 2015 due to the very low popularity of AMD processors.

AMD Workstation processors dominate Intel offerings in June, according to Puget Systems

Puget Systems chief product developer William George wrote in the company’s blog five days ago about the change the company noticed after reviewing its June sales data. In the total number of workstations sold in June, AMD processors were more prevalent in 60% of workstations sold, while Intel was at 40%.

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This was a slight increase for AMD from data pulled from February 2021. George and the rest of Puget Systems speculate that Intel could fall even further behind after pulling July sales figures.

Other websites also show a trend of increasing sales of AMD processors above Intel processors. The popular online shopping site Amazon shows that Ryzen processor models outnumber Intel in their list of the top 10 sellers in the list of computer processor processors. Even with TSMC’s demands to handle more processors, AMD appears in eight of ten locations. The Intel i5-10600K processor does not appear in the Top 5. In fact, the first Intel processor only appears in seventh place.

AMD recorded a loss in June for the Steam Hardware Survey. In fact, TechSpot reports that it was “a decrease of -1.72%”. They also remind readers that the last time AMD suffered a loss was in December 2020. From that time until June, they increased their sales.

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About Puget Systems

Puget Systems is based in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, WA, and specializes in high performance custom computers. We place great emphasis on customization on every aspect of every computer, offering personal advice and support that is becoming quite rare in the industry. Our goal is to provide each customer with the best possible computer for their needs and budget.

Source: Puget Systems, TechSpot


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