Actify SpinFire Fuels Collaboration Across the Manufacturing Enterprise

Rapid Adoption Shakes Traditional CAD Viewer Licensing Model

DETROIT – September 28, 2021 – (

Actify, the leading provider of program visualization and management solutions for the automotive supply chain, today announced that, through 2021, it has seen the global adoption of SpinFire Enterprise, rolling out to the Across Actify’s organization of its SpinFire CAD Viewer, with an average of one new business per week. .

Traditionally, viewers have obtained a license for a single workstation or group of concurrent users, a practice that has effectively restricted access to users with the most immediate needs. Actify’s SpinFire Enterprise subscription gives access to everyone and every device within an organization, which can be defined as a location, division or other population, up to and including all the company.

“CAD viewers provide a cost-effective alternative to high-end CAD software for interacting with CAD models, but their potential value is diminished when only a few users have access to them,” noted Dave Opsahl, CEO of Actify. “We introduced our enterprise licensing approach in response to customers who were frustrated with the inconvenience and administrative burden of juggling a finite number of SpinFire seats among more and more users seeking access. What we found is that when customers move to SpinFire Enterprise, a transformation occurs in productivity and customer service, as SpinFire fosters improved communication, collaboration and understanding.

When access to SpinFire is unrestricted, sales teams can annotate designs while meeting with customers, manufacturing and quality teams can verify specifications and tolerances on the shop floor, and everyone has access to product information. design at the desk, on the road or when working from home. Users find SpinFire easy to use and some Actify customers now include it in the standard PC configuration for every employee. In addition, a single SpinFire subscription consolidates the cost of licensing and managing multiple viewers and ensures consistent interpretation of CAD models, reducing errors.

“SpinFire is the backbone of how we do business,” said Jeff Hearn, CIO at Royal Power Solutions. “We use SpinFire as a unified tool. When vendors send us data, SpinFire gives us this vendor independent ability to be able to import from any format, be it NX, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc. and then share information with these suppliers and other stakeholders. We also don’t have to worry about divulging trade secrets – we can just show parts of the dye or tool we’re trying to make, and that allows us to get the specific materials we need. for the construction. . “

SpinFire provides access to all major CAD formats and allows extended enterprise users to inspect and interact with CAD files. It improves workers’ ability to collaborate with customers and suppliers, as well as internal teams, to improve productivity, speed up communication and eliminate errors.

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For over 15 years, Actify has helped manufacturers visualize and interact with design and engineering information. We are at the forefront of the industry in creating tools that are easy to use, affordable, and improve quality and productivity. Today, Actify applies everything we’ve learned to meet the unique needs of automotive program teams. Actify serves a global base of over 1,500 companies using Centro for collaboration and integration and SpinFire for CAD visualization. Actify is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, with sales and support in 45 countries through offices in the US, UK, Germany and China, and a global network of partners. For more information, please visit and

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Actify SpinFire Fuels Collaboration Across the Manufacturing Enterprise

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