A new business is coming to Elmwood | Birds of Paradise Drawings

Grace Bird of bird of paradise design joins the Elmwood Strip with the opening of its new design studio located near the corner of Elmwood and Allen. Sharing this space with Christie Nelson, former real estate manager for the city of Buffalo, offers Bird a way to embrace her passions as an interior design consultant and really spread her wings improving the queen city a design project at a time.

Grace Winter Bird
Senior Design Consultant

With a bachelor’s degree in architecture followed by a master’s degree in real estate development, home design is second nature to Bird. While working in architectural firms specializing in bars, nightclubs, and even boutique hotels, a common theme began to lay the groundwork for a passion that would soon turn into a professional enterprise.

“The thing is, when I was working for these companies, what struck me the most, even though I had a background in architecture and design, was interior design.

So, I knew that was what I wanted to do moving forward and that’s what I’m doing now.

The building that will soon house his burgeoning design consultancy business is owned by Ernst Valery, majority shareholder of SAA | EVI, a national development company. With offices spanning all upper levels of the building, Bird is currently working on design work for these floors.

Bird’s experience extends far beyond paint and color matching by integrating its architectural excellence into every design project.

“Once called for a project, I will personally meet with the client to assess their needs. Then I will personally take the measurements of the space and then draw it on AutoCAD or Pro Kitchen. I will select products if they are needed, so it’s basically design, procurement and project management. »

Besides the technical components of her work, Bird builds a personal relationship with each client, a part of the process that is essential to giving the best possible job. By being present at every step of the process, it gives Bird the power to completely customize their work to suit the wants and desires of the client.

“You go through the whole process with me all the time. I want to provide a very intimate experience where what you say matters and what you seek matters. It’s not my vision; it is I who facilitate your vision. So it’s a very individualized process and ultimately it’s a partnership with myself and the clients.

As the next steps in her business begin to take shape, Bird is thrilled to announce that she is now a Masterbrand Kitchen and Bath Dealer. Offering favorite brands like Mantra, Urban Effects, and UltraCraft, Bird of Paradise Design is a one-stop-shop that’s sure to make all your design dreams come true. For more information, visit birdofparadisedesign.com or Instagram @birdofparadiseinteriors