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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Some of you may have noticed that we recently welcomed a familiar face back in the newsroom. Mary Nelson is a KMTV veteran with a wide range of TV reporting, anchoring and hosting experiences, but you might not know a lot about this TV Dynamo.

Mary’s first opportunity to join KMTV came over 18 years ago. As a journalist, she was on the ground in Hallam in 2004, shortly after an F4 tornado hit. She also covered the disappearance of 12-year-old Amber Harris in 2005.

The following year Mary returned to her radio roots, but in 2007 she joined KMTV again – this time as co-host of The morning mix with Mike DiGiacomo. Mary loved the show because it connected our communities with the good around us (and also provided good belly laughs, like that skunk prank!).

The “good” is also what inspired Mary to return to KMTV in 2021. In addition to co-hosting 3 News Now This Morning, Mary enjoys reporting Positively the Heartland. Viewers asked if it was difficult to come up with story ideas for the series. Mary says the hard part is deciding which stories to tell because, living in eastern Nebraska, there are so many well around us.


Mary co-hosts The Morning Blend

Mary met her husband Troy six months after moving to Omaha. They married four years later. Mary admires Troy for his sense of humor, wit, intelligence, common sense, work ethic and heart.

Troy grew up in Omaha (Millard North). Today he’s a Tour caddy and has competed in events all over the world, but nothing has surpassed the caddy in his hometown at the US Senior Open. Golf is an integral part of their life, but they make room for a few other sports. During football season, it’s all about the Huskers and Chiefs! When the basketball season wears on, Mary and Troy cheer on the Jays and Kentucky Wildcats.

Marie nelson

Marie nelson

Action and Sparky reign supreme over Mary and Troy. They adopted Action, a schnauzer, from the Nebraska Humane Society in 2008. Despite significant health issues, Mary says, “Action has THE BEST attitude and is so easy to love. Over Christmas in 2019, while visiting eastern Kentucky, Mary and Troy met Sparky. He roamed the hills on three legs – the fourth was seriously injured. He was malnourished, suffered from a few tick-borne illnesses and had been sprayed by a skunk – twice! After two months of vet appointments and preparation, Mary and Troy brought Sparky home to Omaha and he filled a void neither of them realized existed. What kind of dog is he? Sparky’s doctor thinks he’s a “golden mix” – but Mary and Troy simply describe him as a “mountain man”.

Mary Dogs.jpg

Marie nelson

Mary is a passionate handyman! His love of construction was born years ago. She created a large, inexpensive painting and needed a frame for it. She bought a miter saw, which led to the next project – the casting – but she would need a nailer. Her collection of tools snowballed and with each project she developed new skills ranging from flooring to framing and drywall to woodworking. She also enjoys connecting with other handymen and helpful professionals! If you want to discover her projects, Mary posts photos and videos on Instagram: @home_sweet_homaha.


Marie nelson

Mary’s experience with design predates her passion for projects. While still in high school, she enrolled in drawing classes and earned her AutoCAD certification. At the time, Mary was considering becoming an aeronautical engineer. Although her career path has changed, writing brought experiences that shaped her future. She was elected Kentucky president of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (known today as SkillsUSA) and had the opportunity to tour Bluegrass State and make her maiden trip to Washington, DC thanks to the ‘organization.


Marie nelson

She attended Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky (she was on the dance team, hence the photo). A few years after arriving at EKU, Mary’s focus shifted from engineering to broadcast. Her mother always told her, “Don’t complain about something unless you’re ready to change it.” Mary was watching a local TV station when she saw a story that caught her attention. She felt it was incomplete and imagined how a more thoughtful story would have affected viewers. Instead of bemoaning what was wrong, she decided to be a part of what is right. Mary started reporting for WSAZ in Huntington-Charleston, WV during her final semester and missed her own graduation because she was covering the keynote speaker at a ceremony at another university.


Marie nelson

Mary and her brother, Mike, were raised by a single mom superhero. It is not enough to say that times were hard. She remembers having had running water for the first time when she was five years old. We rarely talked about what they does not have have – instead, fostering gratitude for what they made have. Their mother constantly reminded them how “rich in love” they were. She also stressed the importance of learning. “If you can read and follow directions, you can do anything in life,” she said. With that in mind, Mary helped launch the Scripps Howard Foundation’s annual “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign. She is so proud that since 2016 more than half a million pounds have been donated and placed in the hands of economically vulnerable children.


Marie nelson

Mary grew up in Greenup, Kentucky, where much of her family has lived since the 1800s. Cooking and connecting over a meal is central to their way of life. Mary’s family have published a few cookbooks featuring country-style recipes. The pages feature classic dishes, including apple pie, and more curious recipes like Uncle Stacy’s pokeshoots and sautéed fiddleheads, which Mary thinks he may have invented because he loved a tale.

Mary Nelson Family Cookbook

Marie nelson

Mary’s grandmother, also named Mary Nelson, encouraged her to write poetry and paint. Memaw was not the only artist in the family. Mary’s grandfather, an uncle and an aunt also painted. This wall from Mary’s home office features some of their pieces.


Marie nelson

If you’ve purchased with QVC before, you may recognize Mary’s hands – before you recognize her face! She was a program host with the online retailer after hosting The Morning Blend. Mary showcased a range of products including jewelry, fashion, footwear, beauty and tools. Even among all home shopping, working at QVC is a very unique experience. “Really, there is nothing else in the world like this. And I have to do it! Commonly requested by viewers:

Q: How is David Venable?

A: Exactly what you imagine! With his great personality, he has a smile on everyone’s face, and gives the best hugs. And, yes, he’s tall – 6’6 “compared to Mary’s 5’4”.

Q: Who did you prefer to work with?

A: The brothers of the property. Being a fan of HGTV helped, but Jonathan and Drew Scott are warm, genuine guys too – and not just to some people, but to everyone on the team!

Q: Who does your hair and makeup?

A: While Mary worked at QVC, the company had an in-house salon staffed 24/7 with talented hairstylists and makeup artists, helping hosts and guests prepare for the camera. . During the pandemic, the living room closed, so today’s hosts are on their own.


Marie nelson

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