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Free July 7 Webinar: What’s New in AutoCAD 2022

A2K Technologies announces a free webinar on the new version of AutoCAD 2022, which is ready to be installed and used. This version has some very beneficial tools for users to explore and enjoy. By further expanding collaboration and interactivity tools in the cloud, Autodesk now allows you to share annotations from the AutoCAD web […]

Payday lenders target communities of color. But fintechs offering small loans and flexible wages can help break the debt trap.

Payday lenders are concentrated in minority neighborhoods. Nati Harnik / AP Images Payday lenders are targeting black and Latin communities, creating more stores in minority neighborhoods. But for those who live paycheck to paycheck, predator ready may seem like the only option. Fintechs offering small loans and early access to wages could replace those that […]

SBM Offshore Completes Funding for Over $ 1 Billion FPSO Project | Rigzone

SBM Offshore announced that it has finalized the financing of the FPSO Prosperity project for a total amount of $ 1.05 billion. Funding for the project was guaranteed by a consortium of 11 international banks, the company noted, adding that it planned to withdraw the entire loan, spread over the period of construction of the […]

How to pay off your payday loan early – for different payday lenders

{“menu items”:[{“label”:”Which lenders allow early repayments?”,”anchorName”:””},{“label”:”How to repay a payday loan early”,”anchorName”:””},{“label”:”Potential savings available by paying a payday loan early”,”anchorName”:””},{“label”:”What are the risks of payday loans?”,”anchorName”:””},{“label”:”How to make sure a payday loan’s repayment structure is fair”,”anchorName”:””}]} Paying off your payday loan early can save you money in fees and make it easier to manage your […]

Congress repeals Trump-era payday lender regulations

Posted: June 25, 2021 / 2:09 PM MDT / Updated: June 25, 2021 / 2:09 PM MDT FILE – On this Tuesday, December 29, 2020, file photo, is the United States Capitol in Washington. On Thursday, June 24, 2021, Congress rescinded a set of regulations enacted in the closing days of the Trump administration that […]

“Rent a bank” fades for payday lenders

The regulatory eye on payday loans is tightening. To this end, as reported by the Associated Press, Congress voted to overturn Trump-era regulations that allow payday lenders to circumvent state laws that cap interest rates. In terms of mechanics, the rules, which had been put in place by the Office of the Comptroller of the […]

Congress repeals Trump-era regulations on payday lenders

NEW YORK (AP) — Congress on Thursday reversed a set of regulations enacted in the final days of the Trump administration that effectively allowed payday lenders to avoid state laws capping interest rates. The House voted 218 to 208 to strike down payday loan regulations from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a […]

Congress repeals Trump-era regulations on payday lenders | Economic news

By KEN SWEET, AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Congress on Thursday reversed a set of regulations enacted in the final days of the Trump administration that effectively allowed payday lenders to avoid state laws capping interest rates. The House voted 218 to 208 to strike down payday loan regulations from the Office of […]

The cause of infectious skin diseases

Through Barry C. Fox, MD, University of Wisconsin Bacteria are also responsible for harmful skin infections such as, flesh-eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis in humans. Flesh-eating bacteria are said to be responsible for 10 percent of deaths in the United States. What are the causes and symptoms of these life-threatening bacterial skin infections? The medical […]

Congress ends Trump-Era rule allowing payday lenders to avoid interest rate caps

Congress voted Thursday to overturn a Trump administration rule that allowed high-interest consumer lenders to tie up to banks and bypass state-level interest rate caps. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency decision in late October stated that any bank or federal savings association that signs loan documents should be considered the “real lender,” […]

Congress overturns Trump-era regulations on payday lenders

NEW YORK – Congress on Thursday overturned a set of regulations enacted in the closing days of the Trump administration that effectively allowed payday lenders to avoid state laws capping interest rates. The House voted 218-208 to overturn the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s payday loan regulations, with a Republican voting with the […]

Business watchdog ASIC loses lawsuit against payday lenders

The company’s watchdog has lost a legal battle over a payday loan model it says can charge customers up to 1,000% of the original loan amount. The Federal Court on Wednesday dismissed the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s case against Cigno and its associate BHF Solutions, neither of which holds an Australian credit license. “There […]

Architect Intern – Nashville, TN, United States | Works

Cassetty Architects, Pllc Employer: Nashville, Tennessee, United StatesPlace: Wed 23 Jun ’21Posted on: Full timeType: Cassetty Architects, PLLC is looking to add an Intern Architect to our team. This candidate will have 1 to 2 years of experience and will have a working knowledge of AutoCad and Revit. Responsibilities include: Assist in the preparation of […]

Interior Designer – Brooklyn, NY, US | Works

YossiG Employer: Brooklyn, New York, United StatesPlace: Wed 23 Jun ’21Posted on: Full timeType: About YossiG: YossiG is an interior design firm in Brooklyn, NY specializing in a wide range of unique projects and designs to meet the needs of each client. Our projects include commercial, residential and industrial spaces, ranging from small private houses […]

Strategic Assessment of Interior Design Software Market 2021 – Autodesk Inc., Dassault Systèmes SE, Trimble Inc., SmartDraw LLC, Foyr LLC, Roomtodo OR

The Global Interior Design Software Market 2021-2026 is a comprehensive report which provides a detailed overview of key market drivers, opportunities, challenges, current trends and strategies impacting the Global Interior Design Software Market in conjunction with the size, share calculation and forecast and growth rate analysis. Combining analytical capabilities and the integration of knowledge with […]

Free Kindergarten to Grade 12 tutoring available for children of employees, students – Today @ Wayne

A new Wayne State University initiative will provide free tutoring for children and dependents of employees and students. The tutoring program will be available virtually to K-12 students in a variety of age-appropriate subjects. Weekly group sessions will be held throughout the summer, starting Monday July 12. Registrations are now open in line. Led by […]

Choosing the Best Autodesk Product for Your Business

“The Stone Age was marked by the intelligent use of rough tools by man; the information age to date has been marked by the crude human use of intelligent tools. Although the author is unknown, there is some truth to this claim. In the digital age, almost all industries have standardized software, but how this […]

How to type real world text into any search field in iOS 15 “iOS and iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

When you need to share large bodies of text from the real world to digital, the traditional way is to take a photo. It’s great for viewing text, but what about when you need to type it? This usually means typing every letter of every word, which can quickly get monotonous. But that’s not the […]

Is Autodesk Stock a Purchase?

The Biden administration has made an infrastructure spending bill a top priority. The final amount has yet to be determined, but hundreds of billions of dollars are expected to be spent on America’s roads, power grid, manufacturing capabilities, and technological research to prepare it for a new digital age. With so much money expected to […]

Best PDF to AutoCAD Converter of 2021: Free and Paid, for Windows, Mac, Android and Online

The best PDF to AutoCAD converters provide a simple and easy solution for importing digital designs into your 3D design software. The best PDF to AutoCAD converter PDF files are versatile and easy to use and can be transmitted electronically. DWG files are typically used by designers to store and transmit geometric data, maps, design […]

Upcoming iPhone 13 design detailed in leaked CAD files

In context: Apple’s prolific shredder Jon Prosser leaked renders of the upcoming iPhone 13 in his latest episode of Front Page Tech. The design does not reveal anything revolutionary. In fact, Prosser notes that most of the functionality that can be gleaned from CAD files has already been disclosed. According to the design files, the […]

Learn key concepts of structural engineering for just $ 20

Interested in structural engineering? Do you have the know-how but don’t have the knowledge to land the job of your dreams? You don’t have to go back to school to advance in the industry. With the right course load and a little discipline, you can become an engineering pro from the comfort of your home […]

Charley Andrews graduates with community building lessons

When Charley Andrews addresses the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture graduating class of 2021 during the June 12 virtual start, she plans to talk about the importance of community. Andrews, who receives her bachelor’s degree in architectural studies with a minor in classical civilizations, was chosen by UCLA Arts to be the keynote […]

NanoCAD: Explore Popular Free CAD Software

Before embarking on 3D printing, you must first make a 3D digital model of the part. This can be done in a number of ways. Probably the most common technology in 3D printing modeling is CAD (computer aided design), which is used in the creation of designs, constructions and technical drawings. There are many types […]