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ZHA, Grimshaw, and Other Large Firms Write Open Letter Exposing Revit Problems | New

anchor Photo of Zaha Hadid’s ME Dubai hotel at Opus. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu Anyone who spends time working in Revit has surely experienced the common frustration of not being able to accomplish seemingly basic tasks without needing some sort of convoluted “workaround”. Well, some of the leading BIM-forward architectural practices in the world, including Zaha […]

Measuring proximity to payday lenders, pawnbrokers and black adults

The data in this article is drawn from a survey of 2,000 black adults, assessing attitudes on a variety of social, political and economic issues. As the Black Lives Matter movement highlights how racial inequality runs deep in black neighborhoods, financial policy and consumer advocates have drawn attention to the targeting of black Americans by […]

PVComplete Launches First CAD Software for Utility Scale Photovoltaic Projects

PVComplete, a global solar power sales and design software company, has released an upgrade of PVSyst integration to PVCAD Mega, the first CAD software for large-scale photovoltaic projects, based on Autodesk technology . “For nearly three decades, PVSyst has maintained its place as the industry standard software for modeling the performance of photovoltaic panels, but […]

‘You just have to trust us a little,’ say payday lenders

In 2019, the Legislature passed a law mandating the creation of a statewide database to track short-term lending practices to ensure that loan companies do not lend to borrowers who cannot afford to repay. The payday loan industry fought the law. Now they are fighting against the rules to enforce it. At a Nevada Financial […]

CFPB gets rid of restriction on payday lenders

As written, the rule would have imposed an underwriting requirement on payday lenders. Instead, the revised regulations will not require lenders to determine whether a customer can afford to repay the loan before approving one. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat who was behind the creation of the consumer affairs office after the 2008 financial […]

Payday lenders won’t have to check if borrowers can afford loans

Payday lenders won’t have to check whether borrowers can afford to repay their high-interest loans under a new rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Its director, Kathleen L. Kraninger, said the new arrangement will provide “access to credit from a competitive market.” The rule reflects a rollback of a 2017 provision designed by the […]