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Posted by on September 17, 2019

What requirements must be met to take a mini payday loan? Usually, all you need is your ID card and no debt, but before you take out a loan, you should check its detailed terms in our statement. In the test, you will find a list of the 10 best loans for low amounts!

Payday online loans are fast and 100% safe

You may read the process of applying for an online payday loan. Since taking such a commitment requires a minimum of formalities and often does not require certificates, the whole process can close in up to 15 minutes. This alone indicates the easy availability of this financial product. Mini payday, step by step inference:

  1. First, select the appropriate lender. If someone cares about the time of the offer of checked mini payday loans, please refer to the table above. It is also worth checking the current ranking of payday loans.
  2. After checking the conditions in your company, complete the application form, providing your personal details and the loan amount, proposed repayment time. Every lender has one on their website.
  3. Then you need to undergo identity verification. This depends on the lender. The most popular methods of customer verification are online transfer for a symbolic amount to the lender’s account, the Kontomatik system, the Instator service, the GIRO check, verification by a telephone conversation with a consultant and verification by ID card.
  4. After positive verification, just wait until the money appears on your account. If the customer has chosen to verify and withdraw using the GIRO check, he will have to go to the nearest post office to receive cash and complete the verification.

Most companies offering mini payday loans emphasize that money is sent to the customer’s account within a few minutes of positive verification (this applies to offers advertised as a loan in 15 minutes). However, it is not always the case that they will quickly appear on our bank account.

This is due to the operation of the Elixir session. If the customer has a bank account in a bank other than the lender, the money will reach its destination only during session hours.

A mini payday loan – loan up to PLN 500

According to the register kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, there are currently almost 400 loan institutions operating on the non-bank loans market. One of the most frequently chosen financial products by customers is a mini payday. This is a small-scale loan, between PLN 50 and PLN 1,000.

Lenders offering such a financial solution usually do not require income certificates. Nevertheless, clients applying for payday pay must meet basic conditions, such as having Polish citizenship, their own telephone number and an apartment in the country. In most cases, you will also need a bank account number to take out the loan.

Harris Credit – a mini payday loan with the lowest APRC

Offers of mini payday loans with the lowest APRC are, of course, offers of the first free loans, where APRC is 0 percent. (if the repayment period specified in the free first loan promotion is not exceeded). However, subsequent loans are already payable, which is why clients are looking for companies where the actual annual interest rate is the least affecting the amount of the commitment fee.

One of the offers of mini payday loans with the lowest APRC is a proposal from HarrisCredit. This lender has been on the Polish market since 2011. and belongs to the Polish Association of Loan Institutions. At HarrisCredit you can borrow from 300 to 5 thousand. PLN and the APRC is 674.24 percent. Moneyman also has an interesting offer. The company operates in eight countries. It has been operating on the Polish market since 2016. I offer so-called payday loans, i.e. short-term loans and installment loans. APRC mini payday loans is 824.62 percent there.

Is it possible to request using a mobile phone?

Some loan companies offer a mini payday application during a telephone conversation with a consultant. However, this is not the only way to apply for a loan using a telephone. Currently, every company is specially adapted to request by phone, because the websites have forms that work just as well on mobile devices as on computers.

Therefore, to apply for a loan by phone, simply complete the special application form. It doesn’t matter where the customer is at the moment, because all he needs is interHarris access.

Lowell.pl – low loan costs up to PLN 500

For customers who are looking for a commitment with low costs but can no longer take advantage of the offer of the first free loan, it is worth recommending the Lowell.pl offer. Mini payday loans with this lender have APRC in the amount of 916, 58 percent. We can also apply for a loan without BIK.

Important – many lenders offer APRC at around 2,000 percent. In addition to this indicator, customers should pay attention to other costs before making decisions, e.g. commission.

What requirements must be met to take a mini payday loan?

Mini loans are a special product dedicated to those customers who care about time and who for various reasons do not want to use financial banking products. Loan companies have fewer requirements for consumers than banking institutions. This does not mean, however, that people taking a mini payday card do not need to undergo any verification.

The award criteria differ depending on the requirements of the loan company. Typically, customers must be of the right age – with both upper and lower limits important. In Poland, mini payday loans will only be given to those who are over 18 (although usually offers start at the age of 20), have an ID card and are Polish citizens. In addition, they must have their own mobile number and bank account number (if the company does not offer verification at the post office or by courier, using a GIRO check).

A mini loan will never be given to a person who has lost his full legal capacity. People in debt can get a loan, but only in companies that have prepared products dedicated to people with bad credit history.

Can indebted persons apply for a mini payday loan?

Fast cash over the interHarris is also available for those in debt. If the loan company checks the BIK report and does not accept the customer’s negative credit history, it will be informed about it on the lender’s website. Information on checking the BIK should be sought from the “questions and answers” tabs or in the so-called page footer.

When signing a loan agreement, consumers also sign a consent to send a query about themselves to the Credit Information Bureau and other offices used by the given lender. Signing such consent does not automatically mean that the company will check the creditworthiness of the consumer, but – it will have the right to do so.

Payday loans for indebted people are available on certain conditions. Most lenders require a signature from a girder. This is the person who undertakes to repay the liability if the customer is unable to do so. Other loan offers for indebted persons are ordinary loan offers, which have increased costs of taking them out due to the risk borne by the loan company.

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