How Much Points Do I Have on My Credit Card?

Posted by on July 29, 2019

When you shop with credit card product of banks, there is a system that earns you points when you make purchases from contracted workplaces. This system allows you to quickly earn points in contracted workplaces and then spend these points at any time.

Where you can use your points varies from bank to bank. Because each bank’s points campaign is organized with different features, where the points can be used and whether there is a certain expiration date for the points earned are explained with the announcement of the campaign. So, how can you find out how much points are accumulated on your credit card?

Do I Have Points On My Credit Card?

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The points you earn due to your shopping with the points system are generally reflected in your account until the end of that day. For this reason, you can redeem the points you collect after spending with your credit card at any time from the next day.

Of course, you should pay attention to whether there is any expiration date set by the bank. By learning the equivalent of the points you earn in TL, you can instantly shop from the workplaces specified by the bank with that amount you have accumulated.

In fact, depending on the campaign of the bank in return for the points you earn in payments you can earn up to TL in minutes / TL to your mobile phone. You also need to use the operator specified by the bank to be able to talk time or top up.

How do I find out how much points are on my credit card?

How do I find out how much points are on my credit card?

In order to learn the points you have earned, you must use banking channels or inquire from any workplace that uses the POS device of the bank to which the credit card belongs. For the bonuses and money accumulated on the credit card, it is the easiest to use the internet branch of the institution.

If you know your internet branch login password, you can view the information about your card instantly by logging in to the system from the My credit cards section. How many gifts you receive in return for your score will be included in your TL.

Likewise, if the bank has a mobile app and you are a mobile user, you can use this method to find out your credit card score. Mobile banking, which is as fast as an internet branch, allows you to instantly query your card points.

If you have a debit near you, you can use your bank’s ATM to learn your cards and the bonus points defined on your card. Finally, it is possible to query your accumulated points by making use of telephone banking.

After calling the bank’s telephone banking contact number, you can connect to customer service and send a request that I would like to know how many points I have on my credit card.

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