Benefits of loans for entrepreneurs

Posted by on December 23, 2019

Loans for entrepreneurs are a way to help new entrepreneurs in the financing of their projects. This also promotes autonomous employment and allows more companies in the market.

Loans for entrepreneurs are loans of a low amount that allows young entrepreneurs, in general, to take the first steps in the business world. The main objective is to allow the needs of entrepreneurs to be met following economic sustainability criteria.

Do the credits for entrepreneurs work?

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As business progresses and needs arise, new project ideas always appear to launch the market. There are times when it is difficult to have in advance the money needed to realize the dream of your own company, for these reasons, the credits for entrepreneurs arise.

We can mention the following advantages of loans for entrepreneurs:

  • No endorsement It is not necessary to prove guarantees or salary receipts, because what is prioritized is that the business comes alive and you can start your venture.
  • Business plan. Some financial institutions may ask you to present a business plan, thus ensuring that you can prove the seriousness of your project and verify that you will have the income necessary to pay the requested credit.
  • Flexibility. The variables of payment of fees, monthly cost and duration are usually quite flexible, depending on the time you choose to return the money.

Issues to consider of the credits for entrepreneurs

Issues to consider of the credits for entrepreneurs

Once you analyzed the business opportunities you have, you have to get the money you need to start your new project. This step is very necessary, but it also requires that you take into account certain issues to do things in the best way. When it comes to taking out a loan for entrepreneurs you have to know that:

  • Payment without delays. Pay on the dates agreed in the contract with the lender. These payments will have to be as agreed, whether partial payments or means the payment of the entire credit, as in most microcredits. It is important that you record the maturity dates of the loan in your personal agenda so as not to pay interest on unpaid installment.
  • Payment of interest and fees corresponding to the credit. In most financial institutions, commissions and interests are already integrated into a single payment that adds to the amount of money borrowed. This way it is easier and faster to pay without having to be making more accounts.
  • Return the entire loan. It is important that the payment of the credit installments and the interest generated be paid within the agreed dates.
  • Provide accurate information. When filling out the forms to request a loan for entrepreneurs, it is important to give all the requested information accurately. That is, that personal data and personal economic circumstances are true. In this way, the applicant’s risk study will be streamlined and the viability of the requested credit can be easily assessed.
  • Report change of data. In the case that you change your address, get married, divorce or envy, you have to inform the lender as soon as possible. The same happens in the case that your financial circumstances change, whether you have obtained a new job or you have associated with a colleague to develop the venture.
  • Report discovered. Part of your obligation as a consumer is to provide the necessary security to the lender that you have sufficient solvency to return the money. There are times that this cannot happen due to external issues to your person and that they must be informed to the lender to reassess the contract they have for the credit for entrepreneurs.
  • Fulfill the object of credit for entrepreneurs. What it implies is that you give the money borrowed the utility for which you requested it. This obligation is especially important in the case of loans for mortgages or loans for the purchase of vehicles.
  • Legal purposes only. The use of borrowed money will be for legal purposes only.

Your rights as a consumer of a credit for entrepreneurs

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Once you know what your obligations as a credit applicant for entrepreneurs are, you have to understand what your rights are as a consumer of a credit. In this section we tell you what you have to know to avoid abuse and know the fine print of the lenders:

  1. Transparent advertising: I asked for detailed and complete information on interests, terms and an example of the total credit price.
  2. Detailed contract: the client has the right to keep a full copy of the contract, and that the document reflects all the details of the operation. In this way you can review the conditions if you have any questions during the performance of the contract.
  3. Make sure the information is truthful and clear: the contractual document must be written in simple language, avoiding the use of technicalities. Read it well before signing the contract and make sure you understand all the terms it contains and ask what you need to know what you are signing.
  4. Money back: make sure what the circumstances are in case of returning the money partially or totally before the agreed term. This may lead to a penalty.
  5. Access to the Truth: there you can find all the data where the “delinquent” appear. This information is usually essential for banks and financial institutions to grant a loan. Find out in advance what the status of your situation is before the Veraz.
  6. Receive the money within the agreed period.

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